Offering Love – Br. Luke Ditewig

Luke 18:1-8

Jesus paints the picture of two people: a judge, a man with authority with no respect for others who won’t be ashamed, and a widow, weak and vulnerable. The widow comes persistently asking for justice such that the judge relents, so as to stop being bothered.

Have you agreed to something like the judge? Given in just to stop someone from bothering you. Have you received something for acting like the widow? Persistently present, continually asking. Have you ever felt that God is like the unjust judge? Distant, unhearing, refusing, without respect or shame. Has prayer felt like repetitive knocking or finger pointing?

This parable about the “need to pray always and not to lose heart.” Jesus knows the troubles and injustice of the world and our lives. Jesus mercifully gives this image, acknowledging our fear, while saying God hears our cries and will indeed give justice.

We Brothers say in our Rule of Life: “We offer thanks with joy whenever prayer results in the transformation for which we had hoped. However, we must often suffer the pain of seeing no visible result to our prayer. But we should let no frustration wear down the trust that sustains our waiting on God. Every offering of love will bear fruit.”[i]

Prayer is offering love. Being faithful is continuing to offer love by praying when frustrated and waiting. When the troubles of the world and your life overwhelm, when you are tempted to lose heart, when prayer feels frustrating and dry, when you don’t see results, remember God is merciful and trustworthy. If an unjust judge will relent, God will do so much more!

Your voice is not just respected but warmly invited, for you truly are God’s beloved. By faith keep offering love in prayer. God will meet you.

[i] SSJE Rule of Life, Chapter 24: The Mystery of Intercession

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  1. Nancy Kennedy on November 26, 2021 at 18:16

    These thoughts are powerful. Thank you. There is so much pain in this world.
    The power that prayers are heard means so much. The virus, the immigrants,
    The depression, the hunger, the violence………but these words give HOPE.

  2. Eunice Schatz on November 26, 2021 at 09:02

    When prayers are not answered, I find I have been asking the wrong question , probably for instant relief. So I stop and ask the Spirit to pray within me with the sighs and groans promised in Romans 8.

  3. Margot Dunnachie on November 26, 2021 at 06:36

    “Prayer is offering love” – thank you Br Luke for this insight.

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