God wants our Silence. We speak of pregnant pauses. Mary’s Silence is a truer pregnant pause than any. It is in Silence that God sends his Word; in that fertile Silence the Word is grown, formed, cultivated, nourished, and loved. It is from that Silence that the Word emerges, the joyous, expectant pregnancy coming to full blossom with God made flesh, the salvation of the world, Jesus Christ.

-Br. Lucas Hall, SSJE

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Celebrating 10 Years of Brother, Give Us A Word

We invited friends around to world to share how Brother, Give Us A Word has been meaningful to them. How have the daily words inspired you or influenced your prayer life? See what other have said and share your own story here:

I start each day with a Brother’s “Word” and return to it later in the day to see what I may have missed. Each of the Brothers has such a way with words and with Scripture that I can’t imagine reading any of them only once. Sometimes I use a line or a phrase from their ‘word’ in my Silent Prayer practice. These ‘words’ have prompted many prayers for my loved ones and for those whom I have hurt or who have hurt me, as well as for people I don’t know: prisoners, captives, the poor, the disabled, the marginalized. Reading the Brothers’ words helps me feel closer to them, which is a great blessing since I recently relocated from Boston to Dallas, Texas.

– Barbara, Texas