The monastic virtue of poverty is not simply to teach monastics to hold all things in common, it is meant to teach all of us to regard limitations, not as confining, but as a liberating act of God’s justice for all.

-Br. James Koester, SSJE

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Celebrating 10 Years of Brother, Give Us A Word

We invited friends around to world to share how Brother, Give Us A Word has been meaningful to them. How have the daily words inspired you or influenced your prayer life? See what other have said and share your own story here:

I’ve been looking forward to starting my day with a word from the brothers for 4 or 5 years now. They almost always seem to speak to my situation, to encourage me to go deeper, to open myself more fully to God’s love and so to be able to love those around me more deeply. I share the word often with my congregation. So often they encapsulate in a nice, pithy way, what I’ve been trying to say in my sermons. Sometimes when I doubt my own understanding of God’s extravagant love, the brothers’ words encourage me to believe that God truly is as crazy about us as I was thinking; and does ask as much of us as I feared or hoped. I am very grateful to the brothers for this daily reassurance and challenge. Thank you.

– Michelle, Nova Scotia