When we open our hearts enough to truly love, our enemies can open up the possibility for our healing. It’s not just about treating our enemies a certain way; it’s about the fruits of relating to each other, to everyone, in the fullness of Christ’s love. When we practice loving fully, our great reward is being free from holding onto feelings like anger and hatred.

-Br. Nicholas Bartoli, SSJE

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Celebrating 10 Years of Brother, Give Us A Word

We invited friends around to world to share how Brother, Give Us A Word has been meaningful to them. How have the daily words inspired you or influenced your prayer life? See what other have said and share your own story here:

I read these offerings every day, just after my morning prayer time. For me these daily offerings from the Brothers are another link in my prayers from weekly Lectio Divina community, prayers during the day and various other practices including practices of embodied prayer. For the past year I have come to receive these blessings as a part of the Divine Conversation I participate in through scripture readings, prayers and practices, and words from the heart of the Holy Spirit. SSJE founder Richard Meux Benson urged all who sought a spiritual life to be “in the moment”. How well I see this charge fulfilled in these daily offerings coming through the internet! You can’t be more in the moment than that!

– James, Tennessee