We are never finished growing. Our spirits are equipped with a bottomless thirst for more and more Truth. If we continue to respond to this innate thirst, the junctures and thresholds by which such Truth enters in afresh will often be our experiences of disillusionment.

-Br. Keith Nelson, SSJE

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Celebrating 10 Years of Brother, Give Us A Word

We invited friends around to world to share how Brother, Give Us A Word has been meaningful to them. How have the daily words inspired you or influenced your prayer life? See what other have said and share your own story here:

I have only been to SSJE in Cambridge once, but I am a daily listener to “Brother, Give Us A Word”.  As someone who travels often for work, these words inform my morning meditations and provide a daily repurposing and remembering of how I want to choose to live my life and relationship with God and community. Sometimes I listen two to three times in a day catching some new insight, redirecting my intentions. While I am an involved member of a church in Boston, these daily words minister to me no matter where I am and provide a spiritual home when I can’t participate consistently in weekly groups at my home church. Thank you so much for your digital ministry!

– Laurel, Massachusetts