Cowley Magazine - Winter 2021

We invite you to explore the Winter 2021 issue of Cowley Magazine, which takes up the topic of Incarnation in the Digital Age. We hope that, in these pages, you will experience the many ways that God is moving among us as we pray alone, gather online, long for communion, and even experience God's absence.

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I Will Take You To Myself

By Br. Sean Glenn

Br. Sean Glenn marvels at the incredible, redemptive promise of the Incarnation, when God shared our tent in the wilderness.

Letter from the Superior – Winter 2021

By Br. James Koester

“We long for the day when we can safely reopen the Guesthouse and Chapel, and welcome you back to share with us in this holy place. In the meantime, know how grateful we are for your abiding friendship. We pray for you constantly.”

Letter from the FSJ – Scott Christian

By Curator

“The same longing and affection expressed by Paul in his letter arose in me upon seeing Brother Curtis’ and Todd’s warm smiles and hearing their heartfelt expressions of love for all of us FSJ members, who appeared as tiny passport-sized photos on the screen. In the ancient world, a letter conveyed the personal presence of the one who sent it; and so too I certainly felt Curtis’ and Todd’s presence through this electronic medium.”

Praying Alone, Together

By Br. Lucas Hall

“I know what it’s like to struggle in prayer: alone, before I came into community; and even now, in community, in light of the current circumstances. At this time, when so many Christians have found themselves in unchosen isolation, it’s helpful to delve into the Church’s theological understanding of what it means to pray alone, especially by venturing outside our own time and place to understand very different perspectives from our own.”

Dining at the Table of the Lord

By Br. James Koester

“Over the last months we may have been cut off from the eucharistic life of the Church, but God Emmanuel has still been with us. God’s invitation to discover our place as baptized members of the Body of Christ has still been offered. God’s gift of hope has still been drawing us deeper into the very heart of God. And, God has set other tables before us, and has fed us in wonderful and surprising ways.”

Absence Makes the Heart Grow

By Br. Keith Nelson

“If the feeling of absence in our lives has anything to do with the purposes of God, growth will be its gift, but not in a way we can predict or even recognize. This has been the experience of many saints, whose patient endurance through the night of God’s felt absence has catalyzed their growth, not in fondness but in holiness.”

Playing Bodies, Praying Bodies

By Br. Luke Ditewig

“Play is not an activity but a state of mind core to our biology. Play and creativity naturally open nonlinear ways to discover and express ourselves in prayer, and to hear God. It is not all nice and positive. Play helps express pain and sputtering emotions, without having to speak. Praying with playful movement and other arts is something anybody can do. This is healing for the weary, worn, and grieving.”

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