July Chapel Opening

My Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce that beginning on Sunday, 4 July, and going until Sunday, 1 August the Monastery Chapel will be open for in person worship for the Sunday Eucharist. As usual the chapel will be closed for August. We have not yet made a decision about reopening the Chapel in September and beyond. That decision will depend if it remains safe to do so. Nor have we yet made a decision to reopen for the Daily Offices or the weekday Eucharists. For the time being at least, the chapel will remain closed for those.

Along with this letter are some guidelines that will be in effect in order to ensure that in person worship will be safe for everyone who is present. Because space is limited, we ask you to pre-register. Registration will be open for one service at a time, beginning on the Wednesday before. If you have been able to register once, please be mindful that there may be others who have not yet had the opportunity to do so and wait a couple of days before registering again for another service. This will allow as many people as possible to attend.

Following Diocesan Guidelines and the latest information from the CDC, masks will be required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

If you are unable to register, or uncomfortable attending in person worship, please be assured that we will continue livestreaming our services.

Finally, on behalf of the Brothers, I want to express our profound gratitude for the gift of your prayers, friendship, and generous support over these last months. They have been a source of strength, grace, and hope to all of us, and certainly to me personally.

Please know that we continue to hold all of you in our prayers.

We look forward to seeing you in the days ahead.


James Koester SSJE

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  1. Carney Ivy on July 6, 2021 at 06:40

    So grateful to hear this! I sincerely hope and pray you will be open when I visit Boston in the near future.

    Many blessings to all the Brothers for your continued faith and guidance during the pandemic.

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