“The Conversion of Fear into Power”

“We have been created by the power of God to know and mediate the power of God (John 12:12-14). In virtually every page of the Bible, there is a supernatural manifestation of power, the intervention or infusion of God’s power in everyday life. And yet, power, without an acknowledgment of its source and its end, is simply privilege unrecognized by the beholder but patently obvious to the dispossessed. Howard Thurman writes, ‘too often the weight of the Christian movement has been on the side of the strong and the powerful, and against the weak and oppressed – this, despite the gospel.'” 

Br. Curtis invites us to consider Jesus’ promise of power. Read or listen to the rest of Br. Curtis’ piece: The Conversion of Fear into Power.

Download a PDF of the full summer issue of Cowley, on Power & Authority.

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