Cowley Magazine - Fall 2021

What does Christian hospitality look like now, and what can it teach us in its forms both old and new? In the fall issue of Cowley, the Brothers of SSJE consider how hospitality has been shaken and reshaped by the pandemic. Hospitality might look like an invitation to sit down at table with those who are other; sharing a safe space for grief; being someone else's guest; readiness to go where God is calling next; or a reminder that we all have a home in the household of God.

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Letter from the Superior – Fall 2021

By Br. James Koester

“As we have shifted our ministry of hospitality online, our hope is that some of the markers which we value, and you cherish, are just as tangible as they are when you are here in person.”

Letter from the FSJ – Fall 2021

By Curator

“Christian hospitality can transcend social interaction of the worldly sort in all kinds of wordless ways, and do so in a way that plants the seeds of the gospel deeply in the soul.”

Breaking Bread: How Eating Together Makes Us Whole

By Br. Curtis Almquist

“The invitation of the table can invite us beyond our boundaries. To share food is an experience of being one with another. This opens a possibility to find commonality with those with whom we might disagree. To sit at table with others is to experience the humanity that we share, even with those whom we might consider as ‘other.’”

Monastic Hospitality: A Way Forward After Covid

By Br. James Koester

“So, what might hospitality look like after Covid? It will be shaped by – and need to respond to – grief, loss, trauma, and dislocation. It will have the power to change, convert, and challenge us in ways we cannot now even begin to imagine. It will be rooted in hope and prayer. It will befriend death. And through it, we will continue to meet the Risen Christ, present in all who come to us, bringing us his promised ‘Peace.’”

Being a Guest: Lessons in Receiving Hospitality

By Br. Luke Ditewig

“I am a better host than guest. It’s easier for me to give than receive. A lesson I keep learning is that we are all God’s guests, especially in what appears to be our home.”

Eternity in this Moment: The Spirit of Readiness in the Age of Covid-19

By Br. Jim Woodrum

“Fr. Benson’s guidance is to find yourself at home in all situations where God has called you. Peering through the Victorian language, we hear him tell us, ‘Life happens; things are as they are. Find the possibilities in each moment and situation.’”

Colombian Hospitality: The Gift of a New Community

By Br. Geoffrey Tristram

“The doors of God’s very home have been flung open for us, and we have been welcomed with open arms of love: ‘Mi casa es su casa’!”

Discernment Process: A Conversation about Vocations

By Br. Lucas Hall

“For many, this season of enforced isolation – or at least of change in work or schooling – has suddenly brought into clearer focus a sense of values: What do I actually want to do with my life? How do I want to live? And why?”

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