Sufficient Grace: Praying with the Calling of Illness

Thursdays October 7, 14, 21 from 7:15 pm to 8:15 pm EST via Zoom

Sickness is one of life’s greatest hindrances to our usual notions of human freedom and thriving. Chronic and mental illnesses especially can leave us feeling afflicted, as if punished or abandoned by God; or as though the springs of our prayer have dried up. But perhaps there is more to these times in our experience than meets the eye. What if sickness—particularly chronic or incurable sickness—is not in the end a punishment or affliction? What would it be like to turn over our experiences of sickness to God in loving trust that God’s grace is sufficient at all times? What would it mean to believe that “power is made perfect in weakness?” Join Br. Sean Glenn on Zoom for a three-week offering of reflection and space to hold before God the mystery of human sickness.

On October 7, we begin a three-week series on Sufficient Grace: Praying with the Calling of Illness. This is chance to explore together the sometimes unspoken and searching dimensions of the reality that our walk with God is often marked by illness—sometimes chronically and incurably. We realize that some aspects of this topic may be tender and sensitive. We wish to name the vulnerability such conversations around this topic may bring. This offering is limited to 20 people. If your life is touched by the profundity of illness, and you would welcome some reflection and sharing on journey with Br. Sean Glenn, please register below.

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