Chapel Reopening: Join us for Worship!

Dear Friends:

Greetings from the Monastery!

I write to you with some news about reopening the chapel and the COVID-19 protocols at the Monastery.

Our daily round of worship will once more be open to the public beginning this Saturday August 27 at First Evensong.

Because this is our home, and several Brothers fall into the vulnerable persons category, we will require all who attend chapel services to be fully vaccinated and boosted.

Following CDC and local guidelines masks will now be optional for those attending services in the chapel. If you have any concerns about the transmission of COVID-19 during a service, we recommend wearing a mask. We encourage and fully support those who may feel more comfortable wearing a mask to do so, for whatever reason,

We will continue to offer both bread and wine for Holy Communion. If you would rather not receive the wine, we remember the Church has always taught that the fullness of the Sacrament is received when only one form (bread orwine) is received by the communicant. For public health reasons, Diocesan policy does not allow for Intinction (dipping the Bread into the Wine). Please refrain from this practice.

As a reminder, we are now allowing the option of offering the peace using physical contact. If you choose to do so, please graciously observe the preference of those who prefer to offer the peace through a prayerful gesture without contact.

We will continue to monitor our COVID-19 Community Level as defined by the CDC and our local government guidelines, updating our COVID-19 protocols as we feel necessary.

As we have been doing for most of the pandemic, we will continue to livestream many of our services.

Your support and understanding have been very important for us during these times of pandemic. Please know that we continue to hold you in our prayers,

Keith Nelson SSJE
Deputy Superior

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