FULL Patience and the Crucible of Life: May 16-19, 2024

Location: The Monastery in Cambridge
Thursday 5:00 pm – Sunday 2:00 pm, May 16-19, 2024
Leader: Br. Curtis Almquist

The English word “patience,” comes from the Latin patientia: a “quality of suffering.” And suffering we often are as we wait hopefully, fearfully, maybe desperately for a resolution. Sometimes our having to wait proves to be a gestation, so full of promise. We will draw inspiration from the scriptures, poetry, and other wisdom; and from the learnings of our own lives about waiting.

We strive to make retreat time available to all who seek it, and so the suggested fees cover only a portion of the expenses for making our facilities available. As such, we are always grateful for any additional donations in support of our retreat ministry.

$465.00 per person for this program retreat
$230.00 for students/young adults

Suggested fees can be reduced in cases of financial hardship.

Reservations are confirmed only upon receipt of a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of your total fee.

We ask that you request only one retreat per year to allow everyone the opportunity to share in our ministry. Thank you.