Embodied Prayer – Imagine


What do you see?

Where are we?

All new to me!

Let’s see where this goes.


I imagine that’s what these goats thought as they arrived in late May for a few months of munching the meadow at Emery House.

This video is when I went down to say hello that first day and their first time over that wall.


Where are you?

What do you see?

What is perhaps new for you to see or notice here with childlike eyes, with playful perspective?

Take a risk. Go over the wall.

Together, further play with your prayer.

Here is a guided experience in Ignatian Meditation. Listen to the audio. If you like, you may read along with the text.

Feel free to pause and take longer in the silences.

Ignatian exercise Audio.mp3

Ignatian exercise text


Take some time to reflect and perhaps journal about what you just experienced.

What was it like to imagine yourself in the story?

How did it feel to hear Jesus speaking to you?

How did it feel to speak to Jesus?

Did you sense an invitation?


St. Ignatius encouraged repetition. Whether this experience felt muddled or clear, you might go back and pray with this same passage again later.

Contemplative Collage

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