1. Anne Lisca on October 26, 2023 at 22:37

    I have learned so much from the daily word, including how difficult it is for the brothers to live in community – being a monk is not easy. It helps me when I come face to face with upsetting things I feel and do in the less intense contacts than you brothers have with each other. You give us the experience of models of behavior and how some are good and others not so good – which as imperfect humans we all are. What counts is he blazing honesty with which you all confront your own being and take responsibility for the benefit of the community – what helps both individually and in care for the community. I do believe that at bottom, community is essential for human survival – both physical and mental. To be really honest is tough going. So thanks for the sharing of your struggles – It is one way of living the gospels. Sincerely, Anne

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