Br. Geoffrey on Mission in Bogata

Br. Geoffrey Tristram has just returned from a week on mission in Bogota with the Spanish-speaking religious community, Orden Misionera Episcopal de la Epifania (The Episcopal Missionary Order of the Epiphany). Earlier this year, he had the honor of leading their annual retreat in Quito, Ecuador. Geoffrey has been working with this community for several years now. He says, “While members do not live in a monastery like at SSJE, they live by a common Rule of Life and support each other by prayer and regular meetings either by Zoom or in person. They are men and women, married and single, clergy and lay. The spiritual center of the Order is in Colombia, but there are also members in Ecuador and the United States. On March 21, 2021, the first eleven members made their religious vows in the cathedral of Bogotá. This moment was the culmination of several years of planning and praying together. It has been a privilege for me to act as spiritual ‘consultant’ for them, helping in the formation of this new community, and sharing wisdom from my experience in SSJE.”  Read more about Br. Geoffrey’s experiences in Columbia in a recent issue of Cowley Magazine >

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