Formation in Practice

We hope that in reflecting on chaos as an invitation from God, you will find it meaningful to share in discussion of these questions with others.

How does your inner life and experience impact your view of God? 

Think of the most significant instances of prayer, or awareness of God, in your life.  What were you feeling or thinking in those moments, or in the time leading up to them?

In our Rule, the Brothers speak repeatedly about how our daily worship will not always be a deep and meaningful experience on a personal level, and that we must rely on our Brothers to bear us along. How do you cultivate and express faith in your life, independent of emotional or intellectual highs and lows? 

Think about your own communities. How have they formed you? What have they revealed about you?

The Church is not merely an individual or local experience, but is concerned with a broad scope across Creation, including human societies. How does your personal, day-to-day life feed into that broader whole of the Church’s mission and witness? 

How are your neighbors — the real, tangible people in your midst — and the love you show them tied to the greater whole? 

When it comes to major issues around things like race and imprisonment, how can you express the witness of God’s love?

In this issue, Brothers share some concrete steps that they have taken to educate themselves and make a difference in issues that have touched their hearts. What issue is calling out to you? 

What concrete step, however small, can you take toward helping create meaningful change in that domain?

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