Conversing with God – Br. Jack Crowley

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Br. Jack Crowley

Exodus 32:7-14
Psalm 106:6-7, 19-23

Moses was the star of the show this morning. The hero who stood in the breach defending his people from God’s wrath. I can’t imagine how Moses must have felt, walking down Mount Sinai with two stone tablets in hand, being verbally interrupted by God to find out his people had turned astray.

One of the many things I love about Moses was his verbal relationship with God. I use that word verbal intentionally. Moses and God had a lot of conversations. Starting from being called from the burning bush on Mount Horeb, all the way to Moses’ last moments on Mount Nebo with God lovingly telling Moses how his people would reach the promised land. Moses and God had this beautiful back and forth verbal relationship that blossomed over time.

These conversations were not always easy. Moses had the courage to speak to God truthfully, but Moses also had the stamina to listen to what God had to say – even when God was angry. Moses grew from being a man too afraid to speak to Pharaoh directly, even though God directly told Moses to do so, to being a man who verbally defended his people straight to God’s face.

Culturally we live in a time in which conversing with God is understandably viewed with suspicion. Say for example I were to tell you that I was going on a hiking retreat in the White Mountains. You’d probably say something like oh great, have fun! Now say for example I were to tell you that I was going to climb Mount Washington in order to have a conversation with God. You’d probably say something like oh, are you doing ok?

Of the many things we can learn from Moses, one of the most important is that being on speaking terms with God is a good practice. Being on speaking terms with God is a good practice because at some point things are going to get real. Things are going to get real and each of us, like Moses, will have an opportunity to stand in breach and have it out with God.

We don’t know when these moments will come. We can’t predict when bushes will burn or when we will come home to golden calves being cast, but we do know they will happen. When those moments do come, if you already have a relationship with God, things will be easier.

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