Formation in Practice

We hope that in reflecting on the growth that can come from chaos, you will find it meaningful to share in discussion of these questions with others.

What are the focal concerns of your life: those things that matter most and give meaning and value to all else?

What pulls you from lethargy and calls you to engage Life? Where do you draw close to the restorative power of God’s creation?

When and how have you discovered the goodness in waiting and slowness?

When have you hit the red line of your own limits – and how did you respond?

What limits have given life to you, which you did not choose? Have you made peace with them?

Do you have struggles that you hide from God? What keeps you quiet? What would it take to share them?

What examples of conflict and conflict resolution did you have growing up? How did they shape the way you deal with conflict now?

Faced with threat, are you more prone to fight, flight, freeze, or fawn? Why is that?

When have you met Jesus on the hard road? How did you know it was him?

How are you being “pressured from within to become more”?

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