Liturgical Updates

This program year, the community is experimenting with a new schedule and some changes to our liturgies. This schedule seeks to maintain the regular rhythms of monastic prayer and worship, marking the hours of the day, while also making it easier for people to join us. Morning Prayer is an hour later, and the Holy Eucharist is offered at different times of day throughout the week: 6:00 PM on Tuesdays, 12:15 PM on Wednesday through Friday, and 9:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday.

The first liturgical change is an update to the Holy Eucharist on Tuesday evenings. Our celebrations will follow our liturgical norms for the type of day: a simpler service on regular weekdays, with fewer hymns, and fuller festal celebrations for feast days, with more hymns and incense. All Tuesday services will continue to feature organ and be livestreamed.

In addition, we are happy to offer fuller festal celebrations of Holy Eucharist on some of the Church’s most important feasts throughout the year (see list below), taking place at 6:00 PM (Tuesday-Friday, replacing Evening Prayer) or 9:00 AM (Saturday and Sunday). These celebrations will feature organ, a full slate of hymns, and incense, and will be livestreamed. In addition, all these celebrations will be followed by either a communal supper in the Undercroft or refreshments in the Chapel or Guesthouse Garden (weather permitting). Suppers and refreshments offer regular opportunities for conversation and fellowship in the context of some of the Church’s most important celebrations, and replace our First Tuesday soup and bread suppers. We will not pray Compline in Chapel on these days.

For example, on Thursday, August 15, the feast of the Dormition of Saint Mary the Virgin, we will observe the following schedule:

7:00 AM              Morning Prayer
12:15 PM           Noonday Prayer
6:00 PM              Festal Holy Eucharist, followed by communal supper in the Undercroft
No Compline

We will celebrate the following feasts through the coming year with supper or refreshments:

  • The Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ — Tuesday, August 6 (supper follows)
  • The Dormition of Saint Mary the Virgin, Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ — Thursday, August 15 (supper follows)
  • Holy Cross Day — Saturday, September 14 (refreshments follow)
  • Saint Michael and All Angels — Sunday, September 29 (refreshments follow)
  • All Saints — Friday, November 1 (supper follows)
  • The Last Sunday after Pentecost: Christ the King — Sunday, November 24 (refreshments follow)
  • The Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ — Tuesday, January 7 (supper follows)
  • The Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ — Sunday, January 12 (refreshments follow)
  • The Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple — Sunday, February 2 (refreshments follow)
  • The Sunday of the Transfiguration: The Last Sunday after the Epiphany — Sunday, March 2 (refreshments follow)
  • The Annunciation of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Blessed Virgin Mary — Tuesday, March 25 (supper follows)
  • The Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ — Thursday, May 29 (supper follows)
  • The Day of Pentecost — Sunday, June 8 (refreshments follow)
  • Trinity Sunday — Sunday, June 15 (refreshments follow)

We appreciate your abiding friendship and support as we experiment this year.

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