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We are a community of men giving our whole selves over to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rooted in the ancient monastic traditions of prayer and community life, and critically engaged with contemporary culture, we seek to know and share an authentic experience of God’s love and mercy. We live a common life shaped by worship, prayer, and our Rule of Life.

We invite you to explore these pages to learn more about how we live and pray, the tradition that grounds us, and the call that draws us onward day by day.

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God often keeps us in the dark. We are not ready for the exposure light would bring. Jesus said: “I have many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now.” The darkness of not knowing can be a grace.

Br. Luke Ditewig, SSJE
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Recent Sermons from the Chapel

God’s Majesty to be Praised – Br. Curtis Almquist

By Br. Curtis Almquist | December 5, 2023 |

“Looking to the heavens, I imagine that these sparkling nebulae, which we can barely see, are asking for attention. Seeking our attention. I imagine these celestial creations want to be noticed, they as much as the star of Bethlehem. These mysterious galaxies surrounding us are fellow creatures of God, and they may help give focus for us in this season of Advent.”

Br. Curtis Almquist invites us to open our hearts for more room for this world, the vast configuration of God’s creation.

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Wake up and watch – Br. Geoffrey Tristram

By Br. Geoffrey Tristram | December 3, 2023 |

“Wake up! The effect of Advent on us should be like the blast of a cold shower after we have gotten out of bed, sleepy and bleary eyed. Wake up, sleepy head.  In Advent God is trying to wake us up. I don’t want you to sleepwalk through life, drift aimlessly through life. I want you to wake up and be fully alive. Wake up!”

As Advent begins, Br. Geoffrey Tristram urges us to wake up, to look for signs, and to be ready for Jesus to come among us again.

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All Things Are There – Br. Keith Nelson

By Br. Keith Nelson | December 2, 2023 |

“God gazes upon your heart – the center of your inmost being – at this very moment. When you are still and present to yourself and to this loving God, what does God see in your heart?”

Br. Keith Nelson encourages us to consider who and what is dwelling in our heart.

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King of Kings – Br. Luke Ditewig

By Br. Luke Ditewig | November 28, 2023 |

“What frightens you? What wrong seems too big? God is bigger and will come bringing peace. God is bigger. God comes in a multitude of ways with love that makes no sense. Turn to and trust God, dear friends, the King of kings.”

Br. Luke Ditewig studies the stories of Daniel for the promise of the countless ways God comes.

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Visions of Heaven on Earth – Br. Jim Woodrum

By Br. Jim Woodrum | November 16, 2023 |

“Jesus’ descriptions are not about heavenly visions, but rather portray heaven dressed in earthy tones: a field, hidden treasure, and a pearl of great value, a mustard seed, and like yeast added to flour for leaven. Instead of describing a fantasy, Jesus is clothing the kingdom of heaven in a way that makes it accessible for his audience. The kingdom is not distant, but rather, directly in front of their very eyes.”

Br. Jim Woodrum encourages us to name how the Kingdom of Heaven appears in the homely treasures of our everyday life.

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