The Chapel is Open!!

The chapel now for in-person worship, and private prayer, throughout the day. The doors will open before Morning Prayer and close after Compline (Tuesday – Saturday), and from Morning Prayer to after Evening Prayer on Sundays. You are welcome to join us for in-person worship, or for a time of private prayer. We ask that all who make use of the chapel for private prayer, or who join us for in-person worship, be fully vaccinated, boosted and wear a mask. Extra masks are always available at the back of the church near the organ. A full schedule of services is available here: Worship Schedule


We see Jesus, felled in battle, dead on the cross. So too will we taste death in this fight. But if the battle of Christ is ours, and the death of Christ is ours, then so too is his victory. So too is his triumph over the grave, his joy, his resurrection, his love, and his life.

-Br. Lucas Hall, SSJE

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Sunday Eucharist in the Chapel

Dear Friends:

Beginning this Sunday, 27 March, 9am EST we will no longer require pre-registration in order to attend the Sunday Eucharist. We are also lifting the capacity limits on the numbers who can attend. For any who wish to attend chapel services, and who want to maintain physical distancing, the Lady Chapel will be set aside for this purpose. In order to enhance the chapel’s ventilation, we will continue to keep doors and windows open. Please dress appropriately.

Because this is our home, and several Brothers fall into the vulnerable persons category, we will require all who attend chapel services to be fully vaccinated and boosted. For the time being, out of an abundance of caution, we will continue to require people to wear masks.

Beginning this Sunday, we will also use bread, rather than wafers, for Holy Communion. Communion will continue to be in one kind (bread). We want to watch the numbers for a few more weeks before we offer the chalice to the congregation. Remember, the Church has always taught that the fullness of the Sacrament is received when only one form (bread or wine) is received by the communicant. When we do start to offer the chalice at Communion, you will be free not to receive from it, should you choose.

We believe these protocols are appropriate at this time because we are requiring attendants to be fully vaccinated and boosted.

As we have been doing for most of the pandemic, we will continue to livestream many of our services.

Student Tuesdays & Residency Program

Dear Friends,

We have a couple of exciting announcements for students and young adults.

  1. We are resuming Student Tuesdays IN PERSON this coming Tuesday, March 8 click here for the registration so we know when to greet you:
  1. The Student Monastic Residency Program is now accepting applications for the 2022-23 academic year.  This program is open to students enrolled in local graduate programs.  If you or someone you know might be interested click here for more information and to apply:

We look forward to seeing you at the monastery soon!  Sunday services will also be open in person as of March 13.  Check our website for registration details.

With our prayers for the blessings of this holy season.

In Peace,

Brs. Todd and Lucas


We cannot satisfy the needs of the heart with outward things. It is the heart devoted to God that produces the fruit of holy action.

-Br. Lucas Hall, SSJE

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