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9/18: Laying on of Hands

The Church’s sacramental Ministry of Healing with the Laying on of Hands and Anointing with Prayer for Healing will offered on Tuesday, 18 during the 5:30 PM Eucharist. We invite you to take part in this powerful ministry.

Merrimack Disaster Relief

Please consider making a donation to the Diocese of Massachusetts for the diocesan disaster relief fund, to assist the communities of the Merrimack Valley, following last week’s explosions and fires. Donations marked Merrimack Disaster Relief can be sent to Diocese of Massachusetts, 138 Tremont Street, Boston MA 02111.

Hospitality: New Issue of Monastic Wisdom Monthly

Have you checked out the August issue of Monastic Wisdom Monthly on Hospitality? One friend writes in, “Thank you so much for these well-expressed insights, these universal Truths that I want to share with others, whether Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim or not.”

The practice of hospitality has never seemed more essential. In our moment in western culture, we assume self-sufficiency. Yet in the desert of contemporary life we are all wayfarers, dependant on the generosity of strangers for survival. None of us can make it alone. Br. Luke Ditewig invites us to the practice of hospitality, which is not simply about sharing meals or shelter, but about receiving and offering sustenance of a much deeper kind. 

We invite you to explore the topic of hospitality through Luke’s reflection, quotes to ponder, suggested practices, reflection questions, and further resources. Read more here >

Emery House Wells

About 35 years ago the SSJE Brothers gave the town of West Newbury permission to draw the town’s drinking water from wells on our Emery House property as a gift from the Brothers. A fresh sign has just been posted by the town.

Farewell to Our Summer Seminarians

Yesterday we bid farewell to our three Summer Seminarians: Sam Aldred (St. Stephen’s House, Oxford), John Kennedy (Berkeley Divinity School at Yale) and Elizabeth Phyu (Virginia Theological Seminary). We were pleased to hear each of them preach in the Chapel over the last few weeks. We invite you to check out the wonderful sermons they shared with us:

Who Is Jesus Christ? – Sam Aldred
Reprogramming the Heart – John Kennedy
Shine Your Light
– Elizabeth Phyu

We hope you’ll join us in bidding them farewell and Godspeed.

Many Years!

Congratulations to our Brother David Allen, who celebrated the fifty-seventh anniversary of his profession in our Society on Sunday, July 1. In our Rule of Life, we read: “We pray that seeds planted in many years of faithful life will bear fruit in old age.  Our older brothers will then be able to contribute their experience of what is essential in our life with God, a sense of perspective, wisdom, their appreciation for the community and joy in the younger members. The elders of the community are to be honored as the bearers of our corporate memory who link us with our past.” We hope you will join with us in praying with thanksgiving for Br. David’s continued witness and ministry.

The Laying on of Hands and Anointing

The Church’s Sacramental Ministry of Healing with the Laying on of Hands and Anointing with Prayer for Healing will next be offered on Sunday, 1 July at the 9:00 AM Eucharist and on Tuesday, 17 July at the 5:30 PM Eucharist. We hope that you will join us and partake of this ministry.

Reprogramming the Heart – Guest Preacher: John Kennedy


Turn my eyes from watching what is worthless; give me life in your ways.
(Psalm 119:37)

On many, many occasions in my millennial life, more than I care to recall or admit, I have lifted my head, refocused my eyes, and come to my frazzled senses after mindlessly staring at my iPhone or computer, those glowing rectangles of distraction and dispersion in front of which I spend an alarming percentage of my time. In those moments I think, “What did I just waste my time on?”

It’s often then that I find myself with the prayer we just heard in the Psalm on my heart and in my mind: “Turn my eyes from watching what is worthless; give me life in your ways.” In other translations, it reads “turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity,” and “avert my eyes from seeing falsehood.”

Vanity, falsehood, worthless. These words pretty well describe the substance of much of the digital content so effectively designed to capture my monetized attention. The fascinating thing is that this verse appears in Psalm 119, a prayer of one whose heart delights in the law of God. By including this petition for God to keep his eyes from what is worthless, the writer shows that the inclinations of the heart are inextricably bound up with the things our eyes behold. Read More