Br. Geoffrey Tristram, SSJE

Br. Geoffrey Tristram, hailing from Cardiff, Wales, studied Theology at Pembroke College, Cambridge University. He attended seminary at Westcott House, Cambridge, and was ordained to the priesthood in Salisbury Cathedral in 1980. Following his ordination, Geoffrey served as a parish priest, as well as the Head of the Theology Department at an Anglican High School. He came to SSJE in 1999, was initially-professed in 2001, and life-professed in 2004. Among other jobs, he has served as Novice Guardian, Brother in Charge of Emery House, Deputy Superior, and Superior. He enjoys traveling, especially exploring large cities and other cultures, and studying modern languages. He is an avid reader of French and English literature, and is interested in music, art and architecture, and political biography. Geoffrey loves cycling, and can often be seen riding his bike around Harvard Square.


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Selection of Br. Geoffrey's teachings from "Brother, Give Us a Word"


What about your vocation? Your call? The person you married, the work you do, the life you live. Was there a person, like an angel, who spoke a word which changed your life? Spoke a word which named something, articulated it, called it forth? Or have you had a moment when you heard Jesus speaking…

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What is restricting your growth into larger life? Perhaps certain habits, compulsions, attitudes, or behaviors have hardened into a kind of shell, stopping you from growing. God is inviting you to break that shell. -Br. Geoffrey Tristram, SSJE Read More and Comment A provocation for your day: Which of your habits is God inviting you…

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Perhaps you’ve collected lots of pearls during your life. Lots of shining accomplishments, lots of dazzling acquisitions. But perhaps you’ve also glimpsed another pearl – this one shines with a luster that is so much more beautiful. But this pearl comes with a great price. We may need to let go of some of our…

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Selection of Br. Geoffrey's writing

Violence and the Promise of God

“How can we as Christians hold together a belief in a just and loving God, when throughout the world today we continue to see such suffering, cropping up in fresh conflicts every year?”

Join Br. Geoffrey Tristram on this inspiring journey from despair to hope, as he learns how even small shifts can pave the way to meaningful change in this broken, aching world of ours, and in our own broken, aching hearts.

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Belonging: Living in God’s Contentment

“Through faith we can come to know again the original blessing of belonging to God and recover that divine contentment which is God’s desire for us.”

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Colombian Hospitality: The Gift of a New Community

“The doors of God’s very home have been flung open for us, and we have been welcomed with open arms of love: ‘Mi casa es su casa’!”

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