Br. Jim Woodrum, SSJE

A native of Bristol, VA, Br. Jim Woodrum studied music at the University of South Carolina and East Tennessee State University. A musician and performer specializing in the euphonium (a tenor tuba primarily found in symphonic bands), Jim taught brass methods in many high schools and youth organizations across the Southeast before coming to Community. He arrived at SSJE to test his vocation in 2012 and was life-professed in 2017. He has served the Community as Choir Brother, Facilities Brother, Vocations Brother, and currently is the Brother who guides Mission and Communications. Jim enjoys all kinds of music, reading history, and is fascinated by Neurotheology (the relationship between the human brain and religion). When he is away from his desk (and that “Office” in the Chapel), he enjoys cooking Southern cuisine, exploring neighborhoods in Boston, and indulging his keen interest in craft beer.


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Selection of Br. Jim's teachings from "Brother, Give Us a Word"


Hospitality doesn’t just include housing those who need a place to stay, or feeding those who need a meal – although those are important things. Hospitality grows in seeing others as a manifestation of Jesus in the world; seeing their intrinsic worth and dignity above and beyond all that has been their lot in life.-Br. Jim…

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The gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to live with arms outstretched and hands open. We are not to cling to the provision God has given, but to share with others, giving ourselves to them and sharing from our abundance. This is what it means to claim our identity as followers of Jesus. – Br. Jim…

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Jesus is prepared to meet us exactly where we are. All we have to do is come forward, put our hands together and receive the sustenance we most need and desire – and in turn find our place and purpose in this world. Br. Jim Woodrum, SSJE Read More and Comment >

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Angels in the Architecture

Advent 2021: A podcast series that occurs throughout the year. It explores not only the structures of buildings, but also those of liturgy, sacraments, colors, vestments, and the traditions that form us.

Selection of Br. Jim's writing

The Brakes: Learning Conflict Resolution

Even a monastery is not free from conflict, and in this searching, honest reflection, Br. Jim Woodrum confronts his own tendency to want to flee when things get tough. Find here practical suggestions for dealing with own personal fear responses, as well as practical suggestions for strengthening the internal “breaks” that allow us to deal with conflict more healthily.

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The Johnstown Flood of 1889

“The question Fr. Field prayerfully asked was “Why?” How many of us ask this same question of God in prayer amidst the chaos we experience in our lives?”

A tragic chapter in American history opens a window into the faith of an historic SSJE Brother.

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Lead Us Not into Temptation


“In the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer each day, I am reminded that if I turn to God in my moments of temptation, then I, like Jesus, will be able to dismiss temptation’s toxicity, and be fortified and empowered to live into the divine life which God has enabled in me.”

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