Br. Keith Nelson, SSJE

Keith Nelson, SSJE grew up first in New Jersey, then in Alabama. He studied at Kenyon College and Harvard Divinity School. Prior to his arrival at SSJE in 2014, he worked in secondary and adult education, as well as in church administration. He was life professed in 2019, and has served the community as Assistant Superior, Novice Guardian, and director of the Monastic Internship Program. He enjoys drawing and painting, journaling, hiking, spending time with trees, and foraging (a new hobby!).


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Selection of Br. Keith's teachings from "Brother, Give Us a Word"


Our baptismal vocation is to pay attention to how God is calling us as unique, unrepeatable individuals. We are saints here and now, practicing for our sainthood in heaven. Though we may be moving slowly and seem to make little progress, we are being transformed ‘from one degree of glory to another.’-Br. Keith Nelson, SSJERead…

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The world’s standards of what is wise are usually at odds with the wisdom that will align us most squarely with the kingdom of heaven. Cultivating hearts prepared to receive God’s wisdom, we attend to what Christ asks of us in this moment. -Br. Keith Nelson, SSJE Read More and Comment >

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The season of Epiphany celebrates the gradual, yet exhilarating revelation of God’s light and truth in the world. But without mystery – the irreducible mystery that is God’s nature and the mystery of our deepest self in God – revelation has no meaning, no place to come from, and no place to return to. Revelation…

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Selection of Br. Keith's writing

On Time in Navajoland

“So many realities require direct confrontation: the weight of such historic oppression, the ways the white Church has caused or colluded with it, so much suffering. In a place of such woundedness and so many ghosts, I confronted the question: What can I possibly do to help?”

In this heartfelt interview, Br. Keith Nelson shares some of the challenges and inspirations that he gleaned during his time in Navajoland.

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Prayer with Substance

“It is quite easy to heap up empty phrases. In such moments, what hope do we have? For me, it is the Lord’s Prayer.”

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Letter from the Deputy Superior – Advent 2022

“It is humbling to know and feel that we belong: that the threads of our being are woven into a fabric so much bigger than we can comprehend, and all for the fulfillment of God’s purpose.”

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