Br. Lucas Hall, SSJE

Lucas Hall, SSJE grew up and went to college in the Cincinnati area. Before discerning his monastic vocation, Lucas worked in local politics. He arrived at SSJE in 2017 and was initially-professed in 2019. He has served the community as Sacristan at the Monastery and Guest Brother at Emery House. He now serves as Cellarer, is active in student ministry, and works with men inquiring into monastic life as Vocations Brother. He enjoys cooking, baking, woodworking, and block printing, as well as getting outside to hike or kayak. Other interests include history, theology (especially Syrian Christianity), and paleozoology. He boasts a checkered past: when he was only nineteen, Lucas ran for public office; and his baptism into the Christian path was “valid, but not licit,” performed by his grandmother.


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Selection of Br. Lucas' teachings from "Brother, Give Us a Word"


Work is not bad, but work serves an end. Even the holiest work of your life is not your purpose—it facilitates your purpose. Your purpose is encounter: the welcoming of the eternal, living God into your midst. Br. Lucas Hall, SSJE Read More and Comment >

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Jesus is already a king. He wears a crown of eternal being, not because of what he has accomplished but because of who he is. What Christ does is important, but more important still is the fact that his actions flow from his identity, from his love, from his being. -Br. Lucas Hall, SSJE Read…

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When we relinquish the quest for more wealth, or fame, or prestige, we begin to shun our idols, and we enter the real vulnerability that allows for encounter with the one, true, and living God. Br. Lucas Hall, SSJE Read More and Comment >

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Selection of Br. Lucas' writing

Breaking Apart

“If we wish to talk about the strife of our communities, cultures, and societies, I believe we need, at some point, to talk about the strife people endure internally.”

Embark on a profound journey from despair to faith as this article explores Br. Lucas’s battle with internal strife, nihilism, and the transformative power of encountering God.

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Praying with the Old Testament

“The whole of scripture is a gift from God. Though it can be daunting and challenging, engaging with the Old Testament as a wellspring of prayer can illumine truths about God, the Church, and ourselves, in ways we may never expect.”

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Discernment Process: A Conversation about Vocations

“For many, this season of enforced isolation – or at least of change in work or schooling – has suddenly brought into clearer focus a sense of values: What do I actually want to do with my life? How do I want to live? And why?”

Listen in on the full conversation, or read an excerpt.

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