Br. Todd Blackham, n/SSJE

Todd Blackham, n/SSJE is a native of Elizabeth, CO. He studied religion at the University of Denver and Harvard Divinity School, before going on to work as a parish priest in the Diocese of Los Angeles.  He arrived at SSJE in 2019 and was clothed as a novice in March 2020. He has served the community as Sacristan and as the coordinator of SSJE’s student ministries and monastic residency program. He loves to spend time outside gardening, kayaking, hiking, kite-flying, and feeding the birds. He enjoys praying the Rosary and making prayer beads to sell in the SSJE store. Todd has been on pilgrimage to Jerusalem five different times.


Selection of Br. Todd's teachings from "Brother, Give Us a Word"


When God does for us what we could not do for ourselves, and delighted gratitude wells up, we learn to accept all manner of gifts that were too wonderful for us to perceive. May they restore to us an expectant wonder. Be bold, like Mary, to proclaim to the world, “The Lord has done great…

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Sometimes we look around and wonder: Is it making any difference? Am I running in place? Are you running with me Jesus? That moment is a chance to pause – it may be more than a pause, a long night, a dark season. Here, Jesus’ words catch up: “Have no fear, what you hear in the…

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Holy Cross

In the cross are treasures too many to number, joy too full to contain, power stronger than death. Consider the cross, the tool by which God wrought our salvation when we were helpless in sin; it is a tool for your prayer. What have you found in the cross of Christ? Come, find the cross…

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Selection of Br. Todd's writing

A Prayer Renewed

“If your primary experience with this prayer is in corporate worship, perhaps you will find it helpful in these pages to take some time to reconnect with it, line by line, word by word. This Cowley invites us to slow down. As we move through the prayer, we invite you to take in each word and phrase, to lovingly abide with it, and allow it to once more shine light on your path.”

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Communities of Transformation

“Community is more than a simple affinity group; it offers a way of becoming more fully who God has created us to be.”

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Meeting the “In-Laws”

It’s worthwhile to step back from time to time and revisit those things that have shaped our lives in Christ.

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