Why we came; Why we stayed

Brothers under a Mystic roof

By Susanna Young | April 26, 2016

“So why do you think people find the choice you’ve made to be such a novelty, even a kind of scandal?”

“I think, it’s because this is a hidden life,” Brother John Braught says, “Many people don’t even know that monks still exist.” He continues, “People don’t know what it is, or what happens here. So there’s a kind of monk mystique behind the enclosure.” Tall and made more so by the length of his black habit, Br. John Braught is one of three Society of Saint John (SSJE) brothers who’ve agreed to speak with me for forty minutes each on this chilly Maundy Thursday of Holy Week. – See more at: newbostonpost.com/2016/04/26/brothers-under-a-mystic-roof/

A Day in the Life of Br. Geoffrey

Please enjoy and share this video about a day in the life of Br. Geoffrey. The Brothers are grateful to the Office of Communication of the Episcopal Church for making it.

Interviews with the SSJE Brothers.