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What is changing in yourself that is hard to accept? By God’s invitation and grace, who are you becoming? Change may present a crisis, might be confusing or painful. Listen for God amid it all. Following Jesus means ongoing radical change which God invites and enables, extending further, embracing wider, each and together becoming more. 

-Br. Luke Ditewig, SSJE

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To hear the voice of Jesus is to hear the voice of love calling to the very depths of our hearts, for God is love. The voice of love speaks, not to our fears, but to our hopes, not to our anger, but to our dreams. Love is the voice of hope and of possibility. But as is its nature, love not only shouts from the mountain tops, it also hangs on the cross and whispers our names at dawn.

-Br. James Koester, SSJE

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God’s love is essentially sacrificial. Love which gives and gives, and does not count the cost. Love which puts the other first. The love which Jesus embodied, and showed forth in his own life of self-emptying, self surrender, and which was manifested supremely by the laying down of his life for us – his friends.

-Br. Geoffrey Tristram, SSJE

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There’s no better inspiration for our life-long conversion than to be sharing life with someone who gets under our skin. So it was for St. Pachomius and his monks, and for us all. God will bring teachers into our lives, teachers in many forms. This is the sometimes-severe grace of life together. Who are your teachers?

-Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE

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God’s mission is to radically transform the world. Our task, then, is to discern how we can be a radically transforming community in the world, embodying God’s values and giving the world a glimpse of God’s eschatological vision.

-Br. David Vryhof, SSJE

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One of the most basic things we all share in spite of class, race, economic status, or age is our need to eat. It was no accident that Jesus shared a meal with his disciples in that upper room before his betrayal, death, and resurrection. It is that very meal we commemorate each Sunday in the sacrament of the altar where we hear once again Jesus say: Take, eat, this is my body.  Drink this all of you, this is my blood of the New Covenant. After Jesus’ resurrection, it was in this way that his disciples came to recognize him as their risen Lord. 

-Br. Jim Woodrum, SSJE

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Jesus always worked with groups. He spoke to groups, he fed groups, ate with groups, healed people in groups. When we read he encountered individuals, they were representatives of a group, or he sent these individuals back to groups. It’s not about me, individually, or you, individually; it’s about us.

-Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE

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Maybe fear is a necessary component of faith. We have reason to fear the love of God, in its confusing, shattering, beckoning, illuminating totality. We have reason to look upon the baffling promise of union with God, of redemption and glorification, as an unknown. The unknown, in general, is frightening.

-Br. Lucas Hall, SSJE

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