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The “earthly things” we focus on are protection and self-preservation. These two things may preserve us and our narrow world, but a reliance on them ultimately will bring us the suffering we work to avoid. Divine things, on the other hand, move us out of ourselves to focus on other people and their needs. They cause us to engage with others and in doing so find wholeness and happiness for ourselves.

-Br. Eldridge Pendleton, SSJE (1940-2015), SSJE

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These awkward days between the Ascension and Pentecost invite us to listen with anticipation for a new song. We can listen in confidence; he who implores us to sing a new song has promised to teach it to us. And by it we will indeed be made new.

-Br. Sean Glenn, SSJE

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Good News

The disciples knew that because of Jesus’ resurrection something tremendously important had happened to Jesus – but as yet they could hardly get their minds around how Jesus’ resurrection could directly affect them. Indeed, I might ask you today – how does his resurrection directly affect you? It’s good for Jesus – but how can it be good news for me?

-Br. Geoffrey Tristram, SSJE

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Jesus says to his followers, “Stay here. Wait. Wait until you have been clothed with power.” Why the wait? I think God is waiting for us, for me and for you, to say “yes” with our own lives.

-Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE

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Find a safe, trustworthy person and share your heart. Risk telling your story honestly. Share your questions, concerns, beliefs, hopes, longings, heartaches. And be a safe, trustworthy person. Love others by listening well. Weep with those who weep. Light up their life with your face of love.

-Br. Luke Ditewig, SSJE

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It’s impossible to speak of the glory that is ours at this very moment, unless we first become poets. The language of the Ascension, indeed the language of Scripture, is the language of poetry, because the language of Scripture is not the language of fact, but of mystery, myth and metaphor. God is beyond all words.

-Br. James Koester, SSJE

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Participation in God’s Mission calls us to raise our awareness and the awareness of others about issues such as health care for the poor, climate control, effective gun laws, economic justice, and how our nation wields its power on the world’s stage. God is passionate about justice. How will God’s passion become our passion, too?

-Br. David Vryhof, SSJE

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You all: “abide in love.” These are very strong words. And because we must be reminded so many times “to abide,” we know that this is not always easy. Necessary, exceedingly challenging, possible. Only made possible by Jesus who calls us to this high mark. Our living into Jesus’ command “to abide in love,” requires practice. And it requires prayer:

-Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE

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Jesus, our savior and our model in all things, teaches us that anything glorious that is visible in us or any glorious work wrought by our mind or heart or hands is the manifestation of God’s glory. Since that glory is not ours, it is an unlimited supply that we can spend without counting the cost.

-Br. Keith Nelson, SSJE

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