Cowley Magazine – Winter 2009

Selected articles:
Listening for the Voice of God: Discerning how God speaks to us – Br. David Vryhof
A House of Prayer for All People: A reflection on worship as true communion – Br. Geoffrey Tristram
Quietly Heroic: A Half-Century of Faithful Response – An Interview with Br. David Allen
The Eyes of All Wait Upon You: Praying the psalms in simple ways – Br. David Allen
Thank You, Jesus: A meditation on gratitude – Br. John Goldring

Listening for the Voice of God: Discerning How God Speaks to Us – Br. David Vryhof

“Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”
I Samuel 3:10

I once had a deaf friend, an earnest Christian, who asked me whether hearing people could hear God’s voice as clearly as they could hear one another’s voices. He had often observed hearing people responding to one another’s voices, mysteriously communicating meaning to one another through the movements of their jaws and lips, and understanding one another even when they weren’t looking at each other, or when the speaker was in another room. He had learned that they possessed a mysterious ability that he had never had, and now he wondered if the same ability that enabled them to communicate with one another even when separated by a wall or a door enabled them also to communicate with God. “Does God talk to you?” he asked; “Can you hear God?”

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