Cowley: Summer 2012

This issue of Cowley Magazine takes up the topic of “new life springing up and the community’s gratitude” in addition to a Monastic Wisdom for Everyday Living insert by Br. Eldredge Pendelton which explores the richness of the fundamental act of Christian worship, the Eucharist.

Selected Articles from the Summer 2012 Cowley Magazine

1. Br. Mark Brown finds in Eucharistic hymns the diversity and unity of the church.
2. Br. Curtis Almquist invites us to a practice of gratitude.
3. The Brothers have much to be thankful for, and Br. David Vryhof gives voice to the Community’s gratitude.
4. Br. Robert L’Esperance unveils the plan for the cloister garden.
5. We asked the interns, “What will you take away from the Monastery?” After nine months, they share their experiences of self-discovery, silence, and love in the internship program.
6. Does everyone have a vocation? In an interview, Br. Geoffrey Tristram shares the story of his own awakening to his vocation.

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