Br. James on Monastic Hospitality after Covid

“So, what might hospitality look like after Covid? It will be shaped by – and need to respond to – grief, loss, trauma, and dislocation. It will have the power to change, convert, and challenge us in ways we cannot now even begin to imagine. It will be rooted in hope and prayer. It will befriend death. And through it, we will continue to meet the Risen Christ, present in all who come to us, bringing us his promised ‘Peace.’”

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Br. Curtis on Breaking Bread

“The invitation of the table can invite us beyond our boundaries. To share food is an experience of being one with another. This opens a possibility to find commonality with those with whom we might disagree. To sit at table with others is to experience the humanity that we share, even with those whom we might consider as ‘other.’”

Read or listen to Br. Curtis’ piece on gathering together at table again: Breaking Bread: How Eating Together Makes Us Whole >

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Fall Cowley Now Available: Hospitality

Hospitality, now? What better moment than now – after eighteen months of global pandemic, as much of the world enters a time of reopening or reshaping of life – to ask what Christian hospitality looks like now, and what can it teach us in its forms both old and new. In the fall issue of Cowley, the Brothers of SSJE consider how hospitality has been shaken and reshaped by the pandemic. Hospitality might look like an invitation to sit down at table with those who are other; sharing a safe space for grief; being someone else’s guest; readiness to go where God is calling next; or a reminder that we all have a home in the household of God.

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Gallery: Fall 2021

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Almighty and everlasting God, you made the universe with
all its marvelous order, its atoms, worlds, and galaxies, and
the infinite complexity of living creatures: Grant that, as we
probe the mysteries of your creation, we may come to know
you more truly, and more surely fulfill our role in your
eternal purpose; in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

“Bound Together by Christ’s Loving Authority”

“I’d like to offer here a collection of some of the teachings from our Rule of Life which have most struck and stayed with me over decades of living and learning with this text. Of all its many topics, the Rule is particularly rich in its teachings navigating the challenges and rewards of life in community. These teachings point the way ahead for all of us who are trying to live together in recognition of the fact that we are bound to one another by Christ’s loving authority.”

Explore Br. Jonathan’s collection of teachings on life in community from the SSJE Rule: Bound Together by Christ’s Loving Community. 



“The Conversion of Fear into Power”

“We have been created by the power of God to know and mediate the power of God (John 12:12-14). In virtually every page of the Bible, there is a supernatural manifestation of power, the intervention or infusion of God’s power in everyday life. And yet, power, without an acknowledgment of its source and its end, is simply privilege unrecognized by the beholder but patently obvious to the dispossessed. Howard Thurman writes, ‘too often the weight of the Christian movement has been on the side of the strong and the powerful, and against the weak and oppressed – this, despite the gospel.'” 

Br. Curtis invites us to consider Jesus’ promise of power. Read or listen to the rest of Br. Curtis’ piece: The Conversion of Fear into Power.

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“Finding Holiness in the Sanctuary of Difference”

“I bet that each one of us can think of at least one person who annoys or irritates us, and whom we sometimes wish would just simply go away! If we are trying to follow Jesus Christ, our challenge is to use the power that we have been given to build up community and not break it down, to learn how to live with the other rather than trying to exclude them and wishing they would just disappear.”

Read or listen to the rest of Br. Geoffrey’s piece on learning how to live with those we wish would simply go away: Finding Holiness in the Sanctuary of Difference.

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