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Life Profession of Jim Woodrum

On the joyful occasion of Br. Jim Woodrum’s Profession in Life Vows, Br. James Koester celebrates Jim’s devotion to God and his love for Jesus. For Jim and the Brothers, he explains, the monastic life is “about loving God so completely, we want to give our whole lives over to the mystery that is God.”

Brs. Luke Ditewig, Jim Woodrum, Keith Nelson on the occasion of Br. Jim’s Life Profession

Modern Monk Missionaries

Even as we look back and celebrate the inspiration for our Society, we also look ahead, seeking to understand our place in the future of God. I believe that monastic communities have a vital role in the mission of God in the Church today. We Brothers of SSJE feel called to be modern monk missionaries engaged in the mission of God by inviting the Next Generation of believers into relationship with Jesus.

Part of answering this call means that we invite others to share our life. We have had a wonderful group of Monastic Interns and Residents this year, and in the coming year we look forward to welcoming three or four new Interns to the Monastery and a number of Residents to Emery House. We are also inviting four seminarians to join us here at the Monastery for part of the summer. Read Br. Curtis’ reflections on how to help young people live in community. Offering young people the time and space for intentional formation in community enriches our life together, even as we hope it provides a valuable service to the Church. Read more about SSJE’s Monastic Immersion Programs.

As Brothers who live a life grounded in daily prayer and worship, we feel called to teach and preach on those spiritual practices that will nurture the next generation of the Church, inviting young people to grow in relationship with Jesus through the time-tested patterns and practices that have fed Christians through the centuries. This past spring we offered a preaching series on Radical Practices: each Brother spoke about a “radical practice” that has been central to his own spiritual life and which has profoundly shaped who we are and how we live.
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Saint John’s Day

Each year on the first Saturday of May, we celebrate our community’s patronal feast: Saint John’s Day. The writings of the Evangelist John teach us what it means to be a community of love, following Jesus. Each year we keep John’s feast by gathering together with members of the Fellowship of Saint John (Learn more about the Fellowship of Saint John). What a joy this year to welcome seven new members to the FSJ. Please join with us in praying for Barbara Fisher, Lisa Gamble, Daniel Bell, Richard Kelley, Michael Davis, Paul Evans, Nicolas Boisson, Amanda Bourne.

Thank you!

Yes, I want to start with a “thank you.” (In fact, I think we should all start every day with a “thank you.”) Saying “thank you” is one of the great privileges of my life as Superior: I have the wonderful opportunity to thank any number of people, for any number of reasons, every day of the week. My daily “thank you” is one part of living that Eucharistic life to which God calls us, as I give thanks for the wonderful work of God being done through the prayers and friendship of all those who share in and support our life as a community.

Thank you for your prayers, your friendship, your generous financial support. It means so much to us Brothers that we are surrounded by people all over the world who believe in us.

James Koester, SSJE