We will not be live-streaming Evensong Tuesday (10/20) through Monday (10/26). We will resume our live-streaming on Tuesday, October 27th at 6 pm. Please know of our prayers for you as we Brothers are away this week.
Visit the Friends of SSJE Facebook page to enjoy our past live-streams of Evensong both at the Monastery and Emery House.

Musical Selections & Psalms for Daily Evensong

13 October Tuesday, Feria
Phos H82 #31 Most Holy God, the Lord of heaven
Hymn H82 #565 He who would valiant be
Psalms: 89:II

14 October Wednesday, Feria
Phos H82 #S 59 O gracious Light
Hymn H82 #635 If thou but trust in God to guide thee
Psalms: 105:I & II

15 October Thursday, Teresa of Ávila
Phos Brother alone O gracious Light
Hymn H82 #513 Like the murmur if the dove’s song
Psalms: 106:I & II

16 October Friday, Feria
Phos H82 #419 Lord of all being, throned afar
Hymn H82 #411 O bless the Lord, my soul!
Psalms: 107:I & II

17 October Saturday, First Evensong of the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
See PDF below…

18 October Sunday, The Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost
Phos H82 #24 The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended
Hymn H82 #530 Spread, oh spread, thou mighty word
Psalms: 114, 115, 116, 117

H28 = The Hymnal 1982

WLP = Wonder, Love, and Praise


Each October we brothers have a work weekend at Emery House where we invite others to help us put the gardens “to bed” for the winter as well as other housekeeping and repair work. Due to the global pandemic we are unable to invite the help we need in this annual undertaking.Therefore many of the brothers will be at Emery House this weekend to make facilitate these preparations.

We will not be live-streaming Evensong Friday (10/9) through Monday (10/12).  We will resume our live-streaming on Tuesday, October 13th at 6 pm. Please know of our prayers for you as we work this weekend. Visit the Friends of SSJE Facebook page to enjoy our past live-streams of Evensong both at the Monastery and Emery House.

The Brothers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist invite you to join as we celebrate the life and death of our Brother David Allen, SSJE.

Office of the Dead, the service of Evensong prayed for and in the presence of the departed, will be on Thursday, 20 August at 6:00 PM.
The Eucharist of the Resurrection will be celebrated on Friday, 21 August at 11:00 AM. Cremation will follow.

Both services will be live-streamed on the Friends of SSJE Facebook page.

In an article in the most recent issue of Cowley Magazine, Br. Sean Glenn proposes: “We are each a word and a song of God.” What song are you offering in these challenging times? He writes, “An occasion spent immersed in music can tantalize unexpected gratitude out from under a grief-stricken or cynical heart.” How might music speak to your soul, and help your soul to speak, today? Read Br. Sean’s article >

Beauty is not a veneer. Beauty is not entertainment, nor a lovely distraction, nor the domain of the privileged. Beauty is essential for life. Beauty is of the essence of God.

Might beauty be a balm to you during these strange, challenging days? In the most recent issue of Cowley magazine, Br. Curtis Almquist invites us to explore the beauty of holiness and the holiness of beauty. We invite you to explore the article and how beauty can help us to pray our life – in its blessings and its challenges. Read the article >

At this time when the Monastery Chapel is closed, the Brothers invite you to join us online on Wednesday, April 8 at 7:30 pm, when we will be audio-streaming the ancient monastic office of Tenebrae, a service that derives from the monastic services of matins and lauds. This liturgy is a choral offering, with chanted psalms and canticles set to plainsong and chanted lessons from the Lamentations of Jeremiah (in which each verse is introduced by a letter of the Hebrew alphabet). As you listen along, you might light a candle, allowing its light to inspire your meditation. Join us online >

“The Liturgy of the Palms” in the Monastery Cloister Garden on Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020.  Pictured: Br. Todd Blackham (Deacon), Br. Lucas Hall (Subdeacon), Br. Geoffrey Tristram (Presider), and Br. Jim Woodrum (Thurifer).

Have your Lenten goals been overshadowed by COVID-19? Many of us are struggling simply to find normalcy during these unsettling times – to say nothing of approaching the season of Lent with the purpose and intention with which we began it. To that end, we’re happy to share a recent piece by Br. Jim Woodrum on “The Monastic Discipline of Temptation,” which was recently published in the online magazine Earth & Altar. We hope this might invite you to re-embrace your intentions for this Lenten season in a meaningful way.

The Monastic Discipline of Temptation: Why did Jesus face temptation for forty days in the desert? And what has led centuries of monastics to follow him there, seeking to confront their own temptations? In “The Monastic Discipline of Temptation,” Br. Jim Woodrum stalks temptation out into the desert, seeking to understand its true nature. By studying the Christian monastic tradition, he discovers that temptation not something to be avoided, but actually something to be faced – even embraced. Temptation is a tool, by which we can discover what separates us from the love of God. When we study our own temptations, we can strengthen ourselves against their advances. This Lent, Br. Jim invites us to take up the discipline of temptation as monks do, following it as a path to self-knowledge and, eventually, a gateway into a deeper love of God.