This special issue of Cowley Magazine dives deep into one of the treasures of the Christian tradition: the Lord’s Prayer. With a mix of reflections written by Brothers and meditation prompts for you to answer, this is a resource to deepen your own prayer life or to share in a group.We hope you’ll join us in reflecting on the prayer that Jesus taught, and experience firsthand its power to make us real.

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Interactive Lord's Prayer

We invite you to deepen your experience of the Lord's Prayer, verse by verse, with these prompts for further reflection, journalling, discussion, or prayer.

What does the pronoun “our” invite in you and for you? 

Jesus teaches us, “your Father already knows what you need before you ask him.” So why is Jesus praying? Why are you? 

Where do you see signs of God’s Kingdom here on earth?




How are you being called by God to be an answer to Jesus’ prayer that God’s “kingdom come...will be done, on earth as in heaven”? 


Think about your daily routine. Where in your day do you feel a sense of contentment, fulfillment, or satiation? What are you doing? Who are you with? Describe the experience.

Imagine your day without this experience. How do you feel? What does your body need? Bring this to God in prayer.


Where do you need to seek forgiveness today?



Whom and what do you need to forgive to unburden yourself – and them?

Did you learn this line of the prayer as “Save us from the time of trial” or “Lead us not into temptation”? Which petition resonates more with you now, and why?

What trials or temptations are you wrestling with? Pray to Jesus, your Savior, about them.

The Lord’s Prayer invites us to pray not just for ourselves, but for others. With whom do you bind yourself in prayer? Pray for their deliverance.

Where does the evil in our world confront your heart? Give it to God in prayer.

Where are you in touch with God’s power and God’s glory? 

How can you channel them in your life?



As humans made in God’s image, we co-create with God , building up the Kingdom, using God’s power, and reflecting God’s glory. How might you offer yourself more fully to God in this?

Offer to God a promise or a prayer about right “now.”

Offer a promise or prayer about the future, God’s “forever.”



Selected Articles

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  1. Susan Berkenbush on September 23, 2014 at 07:37

    I would really like to subscribe to the Cowley Magazine. I’ve tried several times to order it but to no avail! I need instructions, please……..

  2. Nancy on May 15, 2014 at 11:49

    I have not received my Spring issue of Cowley magazine. Please send me one. I love the publication and read it cover to cover.
    Thank you, Nancy

    • Reviewer on May 15, 2014 at 12:59

      Thank you for asking, Nancy. The new issue is on its way to everyone on the mailing list!

  3. The Rev'd Fr. W. Ramsey Richardson on May 1, 2013 at 12:35

    Thank you for this latest edition of Cowley Magazine, which I received a couple of days ago. It is the first one I have ever received and I am so grateful to you for sending it to me. For this 82 year old, it was uplifting and enlightening to say nothing of comforting. Again, profound thanks!

  4. Christopher Roper on January 28, 2013 at 01:08

    I’ve just finished reading the Winter 2013 edition of Cowley. It was a wonderful read, reigniting my love of the psalms. Thanks to God for this magazine but, more so, thanks to God for each individual brother of the SSJE, for your commitment and great contribution to our Church.

    from afar in Australia

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