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What does it mean to be the Church now?

What is essential to our faith? How does God engage with us? And what does it mean to belong to God and to one another in community? These three connected issues of Cowley magazine from the SSJE Brothers take up fundamental questions about what it means to be part of the Church today in light of the very real challenges we face in the world beyond the church doors: pandemic, climate emergency, grief, sickness, exile, conflict. Across these pages, Brothers find God at work in surprising ways. Ultimately the struggles and practices they share here remind us that faith is not something we simply say; it is something we do, a way that we engage our world in all its beautiful mess.

Join us in this exploration of what it means to believe, engage, and belong.

Cowley is the magazine newsletter of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist. It features theological reflections, Christian formation materials, interviews, updates on Brothers' mission work and community life, upcoming offerings, and other news and events in the life of the Society.

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