Embodied Prayer

A short program from Br. Luke

Materials and resources for this learning series as we’ll get out of our often too-serious and word-filled heads, move, create and see, imagine, and linger with God.

Go through the lessons at your own pace. Each contains a 1-3 minute video and text meditation, a 20-30 minute teaching video and documents describing various prayer practices. Using the comment section, we can share in what we are experiencing and learning.

Embodied Prayer – Welcome

I hope this program helps facilitate your prayer with simple practices. Each section has a short video and questions for meditation, then teaching and suggested practices.

I draw from my personal journey of learning to pray more with my body and from leading retreats at our monastery and for various dioceses and parishes. I enjoy praying outside gazing at trees and water … and in front of a fire.

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Embodied Prayer – Shape

Sometimes we move slowly, steadily, deliberately.



Ways you might pray with movements to help you attend to and hear God?

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Embodied Prayer – Play

Play is not an activity but a state of mind core to our biology.

Play. Imagine. Improvise. Make it up. Risk doing something you haven’t done in ages or ever. Let yourself have fun. Play is fun such that you want to keep going and lose track of time.

Play helps express pain and sputtering emotions, without having to speak. Praying with playful movement and other arts is something anybody can do. This is healing for the weary, worn, and grieving.

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Embodied Prayer – Imagine

Here is a guided experience in Ignatian Meditation. Watch the video, listen to the audio. If you like, you may read along with the text.

Feel free to pause and take longer in the silences.

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Embodied Prayer – Move

Instead of putting a shape to words, another way is to let your body move first and then notice what is being communicated.

Put a shape to your words, to embody the intention. We believe Jesus loves us. We say Jesus loves us. But it’s often hard to feel that love. Try wrapping yourself in a hug. Stay there. Feel the warmth of your hands holding yourself. In this shape, say “Jesus loves me.” How does that feel?

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Embodied Prayer – Farewell

Seeing and being in nature somehow connects us further with our own bodies and with God. What has it been like for you to pray with the turtle, snow, goats, and floating leaf?

Look around. What do you see?

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