Accommodations at Emery House

Coburn Hermitages $120 per night

The hermitages are located at the end of Emery Lane across the meadow from the Main House (a 5-7 minute walk).

Each hermitage is equipped with a double bed, private bathroom with tub/shower, kitchenette with mini-fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, and tea kettle.  They also contain working wood stoves, desk and chair, rocking chair, prayer corner, and a sun porch.  Guests in the hermitages gather breakfast items from the main house (coffee, tea, cereals, milks, yogurt, bread, etc.)

Main House Rooms $120 per night

In the historic c. 1745 Emery Residence there are several rooms with double beds, desk and chair, and rocking chair.  These rooms share an upstairs bathroom (you may wish to bring a robe for walking through the house.)  Guests in the main house have access to the refectory and pantry for breakfast.

Individual rooms are assigned on a first-come first-served basis starting with the hermitages then the main house.  We are not able to accommodate specific requests between hermitages and main house rooms.

Double Occupancy Rooms $200 per night

One hermitage is equipped with two double beds suitable for friends or a couple (we will not assign random guests to a double occupancy room.)

One room in the main house has a queen-sized bed suitable for a couple.

When requesting a reservation please select the Double Occupancy accommodation choice.

Rustic Retreat Accommodation at Emery House

The Zen Hut - $75 per night

The Zen Hut was built as a simple memorial of SSJE’s ministry in Japan. This hermitage offers very simple accommodation in a rustic, woodland setting, and is available September through November and April through June. Staying in the Zen Hut is akin to an indoor camping experience.

Please note that this hermitage is equipped with electricity but is not equipped with indoor plumbing. Bottled water is provided. Guests staying in the Zen Hut are welcome to use a designated toilet and shower in the Main House during their stay. The Main House is only about 75 ft. away, up a gravel path.

Features of the Zen Hut:

  • Glass sliding doors on two walls, with screens, offering view of surrounding forest
  • A small sun porch with chair, with ample shade from tree cover
  • A simple desk and chair for reading and study
  • An armchair
  • A dresser
  • A twin bed
  • Electric fan
  • Electric kettle
  • Space heater (for late Fall)

Tent Hermitage - $75 per night

Our Tent Hermitage, available Sept-Nov and April-July, offers a comfortable camping experience during your retreat. The tent will be located in the tranquil beauty of our North Field just a short walk from the banks of the Merrimack. It features a large, spacious, yurt-like design with plenty of head room to walk around inside. We intend this as a solitary space for one retreatant.

For Fall 2023 reservations, please bring a sleeping bag & ground pad. Bottled water and a simple, bucket-style toilet (with seat and lid) are provided. Tent Hermitage guests are welcome to use a designated toilet and shower in the Main House during their stay.

Photos coming soon!