Faith Formation Offerings

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  • Brother, Give Us A Word
  • #AdventWord – a Global Advent Calendar
  • 5 Marks of Love
  • Growing a Rule of Life
  • It’s time to… Stop, Pray, Work, Play & Love
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Faith Formation Webinar

Brother, Give Us A Word

SSJE_BGUAW_250x212Each morning people around the world start their day with our daily devotional – Brother, Give Us A Word. View the daily word and join in morning prayer here.

We have developed a number of resources to enable your diocese and parishes to make this offering easily available. Resources:

#AdventWord – a Global Advent Calendar

AdventWordDuring Advent, we anticipate the coming of Christ, an event that awakens our deepest desires and longings. Respond to a daily meditation with images and prayers that speak to your heart and be part of a global Advent Calendar that brings us together in communion.

Participants are invited to respond with an image of their own on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The result is a crowd-sourced global advent calendar that creates a sense of worldwide communion and wonder. We hope that you will consider participating and inviting your diocese to join. It is fun to see so many young people praying together.

To View the the Advent Calendar:

For Resources:

Discipleship Offerings

Each Lent the Brothers, in partnership with the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at VTS, produce an offering of videos, questions and exercises suitable for individuals and groups.

Each theme is introduced with a video of a Brother priming us for the week’s theme. The theme is then explored in depth in six short reflection videos (around 2 minutes each). Each reflection video ends with a thought-provoking question for you to ponder over the course of the day, then answer on the worksheet. A compilation video is also available each Sunday.

Workbooks and supporting guides and materials are available.

Five Marks of Love

Living Life Marked as Christ’s Own
A discipleship offering inspired by the Anglican Marks of Mission

2017 Lent_BadgeIn our Baptism, we were “sealed by the Holy Spirit” and “marked as Christ’s own forever” by God’s grace, we share in the Divine Life, given to us in Baptism.

How does this Life express itself in and through us?  If we are “marked as Christ’s own,” what are the “marks of love” that characterize the Divine Life abiding and at work within us?

This program (to be offered in Lent 2017) provides us the opportunity to observe and to reflect on the ways in which the Divine Life expresses itself in and through us; individually and in our faith communities, as well as in the world around us.

Resources for your Diocese, Church, Prayer Group

**You can order printed participant workbooks with a custom cover and introduction letter from you to your diocese ($1,500 for a minimum of 1,000). If you would like to learn more please contact by July 30, 2016. All customized artwork will need to be finalized by August 31, 2016.

Growing a Rule of Life

2016_Lent_FacilitatorIn this series, we focus on God as the Chief Gardener of our souls, and we seek out ways to grow into the fullness he desires.  Just as stakes and lattices nurture the growth of young plants, so too can spiritual disciplines support the flourishing of our whole being. This series uses a tool from monastic spirituality called a ‘Rule of Life’ to explore and cultivate our relationships with God, Self, Others, and Creation.  This is an exciting opportunity to dig deep and dream big about ways to live into a more abundant life with Christ. Ultimately each participant will create a unique Rule of Life or ‘Garden Plot’ to sustain and expand beyond the class.

Join us to dig deep and dream big about ways to live into a more abundant life with Christ.
Resources for Growing a Rule of Life

It’s time to… Stop, Pray, Work, Play & Love

Time_RedSo much of our stress and anxiety derives from our pollution of Time. God has given us the gift of time, and called it holy, yet we often experience time as a curse. In a series of short, daily videos over five weeks, the Brothers of SSJE invite us to recapture time as a gift. Join the Brothers as they wrestle with questions of time and discover how to experience the joy of the present moment.


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