The Fellowship of Saint John is comprised of nearly 1,000 men and women throughout the world who desire to live their Christian life in special association with the Society of Saint John the Evangelist. They have a vital interest in the life and work of the Society and support our life and ministries with their prayers, encouragement, and financial gifts.

The Brothers of the Society welcome members of the Fellowship as partners in the Gospel life, and pray for them by name in our daily worship, following a regular cycle. Together with us they form an extended family, a company of friends abiding in Christ and seeking to bear a united witness to him as "the Way, the Truth and the Life," following the example of the Beloved Disciple.

Why the FSJ?

Men and woman who look to the Society of Saint John the Evangelist for encouragement and inspiration in following our Lord Jesus Christ, and who seek to abide in him by living an ordered life of prayer and service in fellowship with us, may seek to become members of the Fellowship of Saint John. SSJE Brothers and FSJ members share a devotion to the Gospel of John. Here we witness Jesus' friendship with the Beloved Disciple and our own calling to witness the mystery of the Incarnation.

What do members do?

Members of the Fellowship of Saint John seek to live an ordered life of prayer and service in association with the Society, and follow a Rule of Life which expresses a common commitment to faithful discipleship. To read the Rule of the Fellowship, a basic guideline for the Rule members adapt and follow, click here. The purpose of the Rule is to strengthen our abiding in Christ by bringing rhythm, order, and balance to our discipleship. The Rule helps us to offer the whole of ourselves to God each day and keeps us open to God's love and will for us. Members are encouraged to adapt the Rule to their particular life circumstances, describing for themselves how they will endeavor to live out the Rule. The bond between members of the Fellowship and our Society is spiritual and personal. Members of the Fellowship seek to maintain their personal connection with the SSJE brothers by praying regularly for us, by visiting the houses of the Society when possible, and by keeping up to date with the life and ministry of the community through our Cowley magazine.

How do I become a member?

Step One: After studying The Rule of the Fellowship of Saint John, if it is your desire to commit yourself to living this Rule for a period of six months as a Probationer, please fill out and mail to us the Probationers’ Application Form.

Step Two: We will mail you a packet with a letter confirming that we have received your Probationers’ Application. You begin the six-month probationers’ period by putting into practice the disciplines outlined in The Rule of the Fellowship of Saint John, adapting them to your particular life circumstances.

Step Three: After the six month probationers’ period, you may apply for membership in the Fellowship of Saint John by completing the Members’ Application Form. If you wish to be admitted at the monastery or at Emery House, we will contact you and set a date. If you wish to be admitted by your priest or minister in your parish church, we will send you a Fellowship Cross and 3 copies of the service of admission. After you have been admitted, please send an email to informing us of your admission into the Fellowship, and providing the date, name and place of the church, and the name of the clergy person who served as proxy for SSJE. Once we have received this information we will enroll you as a member of the Fellowship of Saint John.

Each year members of the Fellowship are invited to renew their commitment by returning a commitment form that is sent to each member.