We believe passionately that God has given us a mission: to draw others to know and experience in their lives the love of God in Christ. Sharing this “Good News” is at the center of our call and our life. In our chapels and retreat houses, and our online teachings, we hope to offer a still point in the midst of the chaos of contemporary life. We hope that as you explore these pages, you’ll find “Good News” that will help you live authentically, responsive to God’s call of love.

Pray for All Creation – Br. Luke Ditewig

Sep 4, 2022

“Listen. What is the message from creation that surrounds us? What is God saying through the soil, sprouts, springs, and sparrows? What is God saying through poor and neglected places and peoples? We are invited to listen.”

As we enter the Season of Creation, Br. Luke Ditewig urges us to listen to the voice of creation, and to pray outside.

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Help and Hope in Unwelcomed Silence – Br. Curtis Almquist

Aug 31, 2022

“Our life’s invitation is to learn to “be silence” so we have space to receive the work and words of God. It is a good thing to cultivate stillness and silence within ourselves.”

Br. Curtis Almquist finds hope in a line from the Psalms, reminding us that our emptiness is actually openness to God.

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The Cost of Speaking Up – Br. David Vryhof

Aug 30, 2022

“How might God be calling you today to be courageous in speaking the truth when you recognize injustice, when you see through the lies and deceptions of the powerful, when you perceive their hypocrisy and deceit? How might God be calling you to speak up when you recognize racism, misogyny, xenophobia or other forms of discrimination? Silence empowers the oppressors.  Be bold.  Speak truth.  And never give up.”

Br. David Vryhof looks to the witness of John the Baptizer for the courage to speak truth to power, whatever the consequences.

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Chapel Reopening: Join us for Worship!

Aug 27, 2022

Our daily round of worship will once more be open to the public beginning this Saturday August 27 at First Evensong. We hope you’ll join us!

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Impressive Foolishness – Br. Jim Woodrum

Aug 26, 2022

“To meet Jesus in the moment and follow him through Good Friday and into Easter Sunday, is to be ready for the journey when he calls—to say yes to the one who has assessed the risk, climbed the route, who knows the steps and moves, and will guide us to perfect freedom from the fear of death into the safety and glory of the mountain top.”

Br. Jim Woodrum identifies preparation as the key that separates wisdom from foolishness as we encounter risk.

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Clothe Yourself with Christ – Br. James Koester

Jul 31, 2022

“A clothing ceremony is probably the most dramatic of all the rites of passage that a Brother of the Society undergoes in his time in the community, except perhaps for the last rite of passage, his funeral. Unlike a profession, we actually see a man change, literally, before our very eyes.”

Br. James Koester reflects on identity as he celebrates with the community the clothing of a new novice.

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Learning to Pray – Br. Luke Ditewig

Jul 24, 2022

“We keep learning to pray all our lives, stepping backward and forward, slowly becoming, ever relying on God. “Give us this day our daily bread.” We need God, and God responds with gracious provision.”

Looking to the example of Abraham, Br. Luke Ditewig encourages you to pray from your needs, your moment.

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Come to me and rest – Br. David Vryhof

Jul 14, 2022

“Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself coming into the presence of Jesus, who is so gentle and so humble.  Imagine him extending his arms to you, welcoming you into his embrace.  Hear him say to you, “Come to me; I want to give you rest….  I see what a heavy burden you’ve been bearing and how weary you are from carrying this load.  Let me take it from you.  Come apart for a while, and rest.””

 Br. David Vryhof encourage us to give our burdens over to Jesus and rest.

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The Sign We Are Given – Br. Todd Blackham

Jul 12, 2022

“Sometimes, the most important sign is the one in the rearview mirror that pointed us in the right direction and all we need to do is stay the course until and for as long as it takes the next direction to appear.  We may not wake up everyday to the voice of God telling us exactly what to do and where to go, but we can be reminded of the signs that have brought us safe thus far and will continue to lead us home.”

Br. Todd Blackham points us to the signs God uses to get our attention.

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Prayer of Lament, When Life Is A Mess – Br. Curtis Almquist

Jul 8, 2022

“Life now, for so many, is a tragic mess, and on so many fronts near and far. You inevitably know this well. The prayer of lament – where you pray your sorrow, or grief, or rage, or regret – is an invitation to pray the mess.”

Br. Curtis Almquist encourages to pray the mess in lament.

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