We believe passionately that God has given us a mission: to draw others to know and experience in their lives the love of God in Christ. Sharing this “Good News” is at the center of our call and our life. In our chapels and retreat houses, and our online teachings, we hope to offer a still point in the midst of the chaos of contemporary life. We hope that as you explore these pages, you’ll find “Good News” that will help you live authentically, responsive to God’s call of love.

Love for the Looking – Br. James Koester

Mar 14, 2021

“At the very beginning of his Gospel, John tells us what’s about to happen. He does that by looking backwards, backwards all the way to Moses, and the story of the poisonous serpents, so that we can look forward, forward all the way to the story of the crucifixion and to the lifting up of the Son of Man.”

Br. James Koester invites us into the middle of a conversation that has been going on for eons, so that we may believe.

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I Am Like an Evergreen Cypress – Br. James Koester

Mar 12, 2021

“For many North American Christians, the pages of Scripture are our primary place of encounter with nature. We are isolated from, and have domesticated nature, to such an extent, that we are not often aware of its power, and force, until we are faced with fire, flood, or storm, and property is damaged, or power lost. Then we discover again what our ancestors knew only too well, that nature is not God, but that in nature we can behold the power, the splendour, and the glory of God.”

Br. James Koester considers what we can learn of God from the marvels of the natural world – and the pages of Scripture.

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Seeing Others – Br. Nicholas Bartoli

Mar 11, 2021

“We can paint a mental picture of someone using just a few choice adjectives, and then create whole narratives about the person’s beliefs, personality, and values — a story that exists only in our heads. We do this all the time, and wind up projecting our own value system, experiences, and biases, unto other people. And sadly, this winds up obscuring the Divine and Beautiful Mystery they truly are.”

As we engage with others, Br. Nicholas Bartoli invites us to consider what sort of fruit we are growing, and what grows from the lives of those around us.

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The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant – Br. David Vryhof

Mar 9, 2021

“If we have considered our sinfulness; if we are aware of our countless transgressions against God and against our neighbors in thought, word and deed; if we have realized our need for forgiveness and mercy; then we will begin to appreciate what has been done for us.”

Br. David Vryhof urges us to stay on the path toward forgiveness, for ourselves and toward others.

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Our Youth Being Renewed Like an Eagle’s – Br. Curtis Almquist

Mar 6, 2021

“This image of an eagle may feed your imagination and inspire your prayer: about your eyes and the eyes of your heart being able to see deeply. The eagle, and its image of strength, deliverance, and protection.”

With the Psalmist, Br. Curtis Almquist invites us to reflect on the image of the eagle.

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Week Six: Praying Silence

Mar 5, 2021

Br. Nicholas Bartoli and Br. Keith Nelson discuss “Praying Silence.”

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Week Five: Praying the Psalms

Mar 4, 2021

Br. Jonathan Maury and Br. Sean Glenn discuss “Praying the Psalms.”

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Wash Us – Br. Luke Ditewig

Mar 2, 2021

“Particularly in Lent, we are called to realize, name, and turn from our sin. Not in order to beat ourselves up. Not because God wants revenge. Rather, surrender by acknowledging our need and receive grace. God comes wanting to save.”

Br. Luke Ditewig embraces the Lenten invitation to wash our selves clean, especially with the help of God our loving parent.

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Week Four: Praying the Sacrament

Mar 2, 2021

Br. Jim Woodrum and Br. Todd Blackham discuss “Praying the Sacrament.”

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Have No Fear – Br. Nicholas Bartoli

Feb 28, 2021

“If, by God’s grace, we follow the path of Blandina, we’ll no longer need the courage of Saint George. Instead, without fear, we can more easily make that one crucial choice waiting to made in each moment, the choice to surrender everything so to simply let God’s will be done. In fact, living in union with God  may cause the choice to feel so effortless that it stops feeling like a choice at all, and more like God’s will manifesting through us in the world as we rest in Christ.”

Br. Nicholas Bartoli finds inspiration in the examples of Saint George and Blandina.

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