We believe passionately that God has given us a mission: to draw others to know and experience in their lives the love of God in Christ. Sharing this “Good News” is at the center of our call and our life. In our chapels and retreat houses, and our online teachings, we hope to offer a still point in the midst of the chaos of contemporary life. We hope that as you explore these pages, you’ll find “Good News” that will help you live authentically, responsive to God’s call of love.

The Poison Contains the Medicine – Br. Keith Nelson

Apr 5, 2022

“When we approach the spiritual life with the care and attention it deserves, we will arrive at thresholds we cannot cross without our inner lives seeming to get worse rather than better: more painful, more exposed, less manageable in all the old ways we know. God is love, but love is powerful. Love is a crucible that dismantles the self we have cherished.”

Br. Keith Nelson looks to scripture for examples of a profound truth of the spiritual life: we must go go into the darkness to find the freedom that waits on the other side.

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Choices – Br. David Vryhof

Mar 27, 2022

“This is the beauty of the gospel – that God loves us, without the least regard to what we deserve.  We are forgiven. It may be difficult for us to accept this unwarranted grace. We would prefer to win forgiveness through our own efforts, by our own goodness. But God’s choice does not depend on us or on anything we do or say.  It is pure gift.”

Br. David Vryhof reads closely the parable of the Prodigal Son and invites you to consider how the choices you have made have changed you.

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Jesus’ Indiscriminate Love – Br. Curtis Almquist

Mar 26, 2022

“We completely miss Jesus’ point if we ever find ourselves saying, perhaps silently, “God, I thank you that I am not like so-and-so.” If so, who is it for you? It’s probably not a tax collector or a Pharisee, but it’s someone or some type.”

Br. Curtis Almquist remembers Jesus’ love for those that society shunned and invites you to consider how you can hold the people on your “unlovely” list in Jesus’ indiscriminate love.

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Ark of God – Br. James Koester

Mar 25, 2022

“Today we remember Mary as the Ark of God because in doing so, we remember our true vocation: to bear, carry, and give birth to the One who is Bread, Word, and Redeemer.”

Br. James Koester illustrates the Christian vocation as bearing God into the world in this celebration of Mary’s life and vocation as the mother of Jesus.

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Sunday Eucharist in the Chapel

Mar 24, 2022

Beginning this Sunday, 27 March, 9am EST we will no longer require pre-registration in order to attend the Sunday Eucharist. We are also lifting the capacity limits on the numbers who can attend.

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Óscar Romero & A Martyr’s Love – Br. Sean Glenn

Mar 24, 2022

“The motivations that enable figures like Romero and countless others to give their lives for the kingdom are not grounded in a love of their life—they are not actions taken to shame the wickedness of the world. For a martyr dies, not because of the wickedness of human beings, but because of the goodness of God.”

Br. Sean Glenn invites you to
consider your motivations for your Lenten practice as he remembers the life of Óscar Romero.

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Turn Aside and Behold a Great Sight - Br. Sean Glenn

Turn Aside and Behold a Great Sight – Br. Sean Glenn

Mar 20, 2022

“The act of turning aside from the paths we think we know is a theme that runs right through every invitation of the spiritual life, and Lent is a perfect season in which to practice this subtle but life-changing posture.”

Br. Sean Glenn invites you to turn your perspective on repentance this Lent.

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Bathed in Glory - Br. James Koester

Bathed in Glory – Br. James Koester

Mar 15, 2022

“This transformation, indeed, this transfiguration, from scarlet to snow, and crimson to wool, from a people utterly estranged from God, and indelibly marked by sin, to the beloved daughters and sons of God, happens when we remember who and whose we are.”

Br. James Koester reminds you of the true nature of God’s mercy and forgiveness in this Lenten sermon.

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Jerusalem, Jerusalem – Br. Lucas Hall

Mar 13, 2022

Genesis 15:1-12,17-18 Philippians 3:17-4:1 Luke 13:31-35 Psalm 27 “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing! See, your house is left to you.…

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Steadfast, Enduring, Abiding: The Initial Profession of Todd Blackham – Br. James Koester

Mar 12, 2022

“When you came, none of us foresaw, imagined, dreamt, or fathomed what the future would hold, especially for you. You and we did not choose how you would spend your novitiate, nor how you would suffer, nor how you would die, if even just a little. And is not that what the cross is like?”

Br. James Koester highlights the enduring power of the resurrection as he welcomes Br. Todd Blackham’s initial profession of vows.

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