Grace in the Midst of Trial

We've never lived through a time of trial quite like this one, as we cope with the global spread of coronavirus. Yet our faith promises that God not only companions us through trial, but even can redeem it, through the incredible power of grace.

During this challenging time, we Brothers wanted to share from our own tradition resources and practices for living well which have been sources of grace to us – and countless generations before us. We hope that these resources will sustain you, inspire you, and help you discover grace in the midst of trial.

Grace in the midst of trial

Whose Name is Love

My dear friends: I was recently involved in a conversation about solitude. Over the course of the conversation it dawned on me that we should not speak so much of solitude (singular) as solitudes (plural), because there are different kinds of solitude, and different people experience them in different ways. Since the lockdown began in…

Being a peacemaker

Dear Friends, These are momentous, stressful times we live in. It may seem that around every corner there’s something to be fearful, angry, or distraught over. Our minds may habitually return to the last article we read, or video we watched, or podcast we listened to. We may feel compelled to stay up-to-date on the…

Lurking Grace

We Brothers recently spent a few weeks at our rural sanctuary Emery House. I am most alive praying out in woods and fields and by water. I love to go out to the northern bluff and then down to the riverbank, especially at low tide and sunset. I am embarrassed to admit I long ignored…

Hope lives, even when all seems hopeless

My dear friends, We Brothers have been deeply saddened watching the news these past weeks and months. First there was the news of the Covid-19 pandemic, shocking us all by the sheer number of lives lost, and upended. As it became clear that the pandemic was affecting communities of color in disproportionate numbers, our shock…

Where is God in all this?

Br. Jim invites us to find Christ in our midst.

Making All Things New

Br. James shares hope for this time of remaking.

How to Wait?

Can we reclaim waiting – during these uncertain times – as an experience not imposed on us from without, but which can nourish us from within? Explore the monastic wisdom of waiting with Br. Geoffrey Tristram.

Waiting, so difficult and so promising

Br. Curtis offers encouragement and support in this difficult time when we must wait.


“Retreat, at heart, is simply about making ourselves available to God.”

A practical guide to crafting a retreat day, even from home.

Retreat at Home During Coronavirus

In this season of staying at home, what might it look to take time to stop, be still, and listen to God? What might it be like to take a retreat at home?