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Longing for Christ

During Advent, we anticipate the coming of Christ, an event that awakens our deepest desires and longings. During Advent 2010 the SSJE Brothers preached a sermon series, Longing for Christ, in which they reflected on the promises and gifts that God makes to us in his Son, Jesus.

Peace – Br. David Vryhof

Do you long for peace?  Br. David assures us, “The vision of peace for which we long is no longer just a far-off ideal, distant and unattainable, but a dream that can be and is being realized today.”

Judgment – Br. Geoffrey Tristram

Br. Geoffrey Tristram invites us beyond a view of final judgment based on works to an understanding of judgment inspired by the Gospels: “Jesus came and comes now, this morning, this very moment, to convert us, to challenge us through love; to change our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh; to love us so much that we shed saving tears of repentance and change our ways.”

Salvation – Br. James Koester

As Christmas approaches, Br. James Koester nudges us past a nostalgic wish for an imagined past of peace or simplicity, toward a longing for the Saviour whom we seek by knowing our own need.

Light – Br. Mark Brown

In this final sermon of the Longing for Christ series, Br. Mark Brown prays for light for Jerusalem.

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