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Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary recognizes the power and potential of small group ministry for the Episcopal Church. When done well, small groups can foster holy conversations, build up disciples, and form strong communities. To build up small groups in Episcopal congregations, Lifelong Learning has created resources to help your community get small groups going. These resources include:

  • Step-by-step small group facilitation guides for teens, young adults, adults, older adults, online, multi-parish, and diocesan small groups
  • Weekly small group curricula for teens, young adults, adults, and older adults
  • Discussion questions & activities based on the prayer journal
  • Faith at Home questions, prayers and activities
  • Quiet day planning tips, schedule and content
  • Timelines and helpful guidance for getting a new group going

With the Society for St. John the Evangelist’s beautiful and prayer-filled content, and the loving guidance of Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary, your community can meet Jesus anew.

Facilitation Tracks

Standard Small Group

Small groups can have a far-reaching effect on the spiritual and community life of your congregation. Help your congregation meet Jesus and one another with the full Seven-Week Small Group Curriculum, or with the Five-Week Small Group Curriculum, written specifically for parish use on Wednesdays through Lent.

Small Groups for College Students and Young Adults

Young adults are at a unique crossroads in their life, and this guide to small group formation and Seven-Week Curriculum have resources that reflect the importance of community and discernment for young adults.


The Diocese can be more than just the administrative hub, it can also be the spiritual heart of the Episcopal Church in your area. With resources for a Quiet Day, in-person and online small groups, and helpful tips for involving your diocesan leadership, your diocese can be a source of both spiritual and organizational leadership.

Multiple Congregations

Gathering two or more congregations offers opportunities to meet your neighbors and build community within a geographic area. In addition to a Seven-Week Small Group Curriculum, extra resources for cohering individuals from different communities are provided.


Online Small Groups provide flexibility, creativity and intimacy for people with alternative learning styles, or for those who need asynchronous meeting times but still wish to take part in relational ministry. We’ve created special resources to support online small group formation.

Get Started

Small Group for Older Adults

Strengthening the spirituality of older adults, often in parish leadership, can help to strengthen your whole community. We’ve created resources specifically for the formation of Older Adult Small Groups, and included extra exercises in the Seven Week Small Group Curriculum.

Small Group for Teens/Youth

We know teenagers to be deep thinkers and deeply passionate. Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John with this Seven-Week Curriculum will help them to articulate their faith and grow in self-understanding.

Faith at Home Activities

Help a child you know meet Jesus with this supplemental material.

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