IN THE MIDST meets us where we are: in this world marked by our mess, fear, despair, violence, and death. Can it be true that God is here, in our experience of pain and grief? Join the Brothers of SSJE in this five-part exploration of the invitation that waits in even the hardest, messiest parts of life.

Five meditations to read, hear, or watch.
Resources of reflection prompts, questions, and practices.
For individuals or groups. We hope you will join us

In the Midst

Week 1: Our Mess

Do you believe that Jesus saves?

What about that Jesus heals? Br. Keith Nelson puts his finger on our doubts, as well as on our need for exactly the saving help that Jesus offers unconditionally to us all. Imperfect, broken, even forsaken as we might sometimes feel, Jesus actually meets us exactly where we are. All we have to do is invite Jesus in – mess and all – and let the transformation begin.

Healing | Mess | Transformation

Week 2: Fear

Storms of fear can suddenly engulf our lives, whether through personal tragedies, health issues, or unforeseen suffering, leaving us feeling small and powerless. Drawing from the teachings of Jesus and the Hebrew scriptures, Br. David Vryhof explores the universal, human experience of fear, one that even Jesus surely shared with us. Reflecting on Jesus' own hidden years and his eventual mastery over fear, this meditation invites us to trust in the transformative power of God's steadfast love.

Take Jesus as his word:

we need not be afraid.

Fear | Trust | Transformation

Week 3: Despair

Facing a personal crisis at age 19, Br. Lucas Hall was feeling lost and empty. In a moment of desperation, despite rejecting religion for years prior, Lucas prayed for guidance, only to receive in response a a cold, dark nothingness. This deeply personal narrative of a transformative experience of vulnerability invites us into the

dark and challenging places of our own hearts,

where idols might need to be overthrown before we can move into greater wholeness.

Destruction | Idolatry | Conversion

Week 4: Violence

Br. Geoffrey Tristram invites us behind the locked door of the upper room, where the

disciples gathered in fear after the gruesome execution of their Lord.

This scene from two-thousand years ago replays itself in neighborhoods and cities all around the world even today, as violence continues to rock the lives of individuals and communities. As Br. Geoffrey confronts the reality of the way violence permeates our world, he urges us to consider how we can join with the Good Shepherd, echoing Jesus' courageous words or promise, hope, and peace.

Violence | Witness | Hope

Week 5: Death

Reflecting on a misremembered phrase from the Prayer Book burial rite, Br. James Koester realizes how even our errors can sometimes reveal poignant truths. In the midst of this world marked by death, pandemic, rampant gun violence, and hate, this reflection celebrates the paradoxical truth that

while death has become familiar, it is actually the possibility of life that renders us speechless.

A Spirit-filled life, lived in the footsteps of the Risen Jesus, challenges our expectations, embraces unpredictability, and prompts a profound reorientation towards life, in all its unexpected manifestations.

Death | Life | Self-Offering