As monks, we strive to live in touch with both ancient traditions and contemporary life. We are committed to stand in the full flow of the modern world, while at the same time inviting people to stop, to be still, to reflect, and to receive the love of God. We believe there is much wisdom to be found in the timeless monastic traditions and practices that inform our life as Brothers, and we feel called to share this wisdom, to help others confront the challenges of knowing and loving God in our contemporary world. We offer to the Church the "Monastic Wisdom for everyday living" that has enriched our own lives, with gratitude to God.

Monastic Wisdom

for everyday living

The Rule of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist

Rule Cover

One cornerstone of our monastic community is our Rule of Life. A framework that expresses what we most deeply value, our Rule has 49 chapters crafted to help us to shape our common life, focus our mission and ministry, and resolve the challenges and conflicts that arise.

What are the values you want to express in your daily life? Perhaps you might want to share in one of our daily practices: listening to and reflecting on a chapter of our Rule of Life.
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Living Intentionally: Creating a Personal Rule of Life
A workbook to help readers create a rule of life.

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The Lord's Prayer: An Exploration

"The prayer that Jesus taught is a simple, supremely effective tool to slice away anything in us that is not humble or sincere. It is the best, most straightforward antidote to all our articulate spiritual nonsense. Over time, it makes us real."

This resource dives deep into one of the treasures of the Christian tradition: the Lord’s Prayer. With a mix of reflections written by Brothers and meditation prompts for you to answer, this is a resource to deepen your own prayer life or to share in a group. We hope you’ll join us in reflecting on the prayer that Jesus taught, and experience firsthand its power to make us real.

Monastic Wisdom


A nugget of wisdom from the monastic tradition, illustrated with suggested spiritual practices to try today, reflection questions, and further resources.

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Monastic Wisdom


On topics central to our Christian faith, these longer reflections hope to deepen our understanding and experience of "the hope that is in us." Share one in your prayer group, or delve in on your own. Available to read and view online, or download as a PDF.