Welcome to the Society of Saint John the Evangelist

As monks, we strive to live in touch with both ancient traditions and contemporary life. We are committed to stand in the full flow of the modern world, while at the same time inviting people to stop, to be still, to reflect, and to receive the love of God. We believe there is much wisdom to be found in the timeless monastic traditions and practices that inform our life as Brothers, and we feel called to share this wisdom, to help others confront the challenges of knowing and loving God in our contemporary world.

The Rule of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist

One cornerstone of our monastic community is our Rule of Life. A framework that expresses what we most deeply value, our Rule has 49-chapters crafted to help us to shape our common life, focus our mission and ministry, and resolve the challenges and conflicts that arise.

What are the values you want to express in your daily life? We welcome you to explore our six-week series on writing your own rule of life (It’s not just for monks!).

Or perhaps you might want to share in one of our daily practices: listening to and reflecting on a chapter of our Rule of Life.
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Monastic Wisdom

for everyday living

Explore the topics with suggested spiritual practices to try today, reflection questions, and further resources.

The monastic tradition can be a vibrant, vital witness to the Church today, one that invites all Christians to know and love God more fully. For this reason, SSJE seeks to offer practical guidance in ancient practices, prayer, and spirituality, to help – and hopefully inspire – any and all who desire a more authentic life and a deeper knowledge of God.

Over the years we’ve produced a number of six-week series on topics that we believe are critical to experiencing the abundant life God hopes for each of us. Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John. 5 Marks of Love (on the Anglican “Marks of Mission). Growing a Rule of Life. Available free online and developed in partnership with the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at VTS, these offerings comprise short daily videos and additional print and online materials, such as prayer journals, workbooks, reflection questions, and interactive exercises designed for use by individuals and groups. Explore the offerings and start one today.

in the Gospel of John

Have you ever wished to deepen your relationship with God? To experience a warm friendship with God? Maybe even fall in love with God – again – or for the very first time?

Starting in Lent 2018, a six-week Lenten journey through prayer and reflection on The Gospel According to John.

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Living Life Marked as Christ’s Own
In our Baptism, we were “sealed by the Holy Spirit” and “marked as Christ’s own forever” by God’s grace, we share in the Divine Life, given to us in Baptism. How does this Life express itself in and through us?  If we are “marked as Christ’s own,” what are the “marks of love” that characterize the Divine Life abiding and at work within us?

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In this series, we focus on God as the Chief Gardener of our souls, and we seek out ways to grow into the fullness he desires.  Just as stakes and lattices nurture the growth of young plants, so too can spiritual disciplines support the flourishing of our whole being. This series uses a tool from monastic spirituality called a ‘Rule of Life’ to explore and cultivate our relationships with God, Self, Others, and Creation.

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So much of our stress and anxiety derives from our pollution of Time. God has given us the gift of time, and called it holy, yet we often experience time as a curse. In a series of short, daily videos over five weeks, the Brothers of SSJE invite us to recapture time as a gift. Join the Brothers as they wrestle with questions of time and discover how to experience the joy of the present moment.

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Theological Reflections

LivingIntentionallyLiving Intentionally: Creating a Personal Rule of Life
A workbook to help readers create a rule of life.

Living Intentionally: Read

Sermon Series

Radical Practices

Practice shapes believing; believing shapes living.
This preaching series was offered in the Monastery Chapel in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017. In each sermon, a Brother speaks about a “radical practice” that has been central to his own spiritual life and that has profoundly shaped who we are and how we live.

See the full preaching series here: Radical Practices

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