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Short videos and texts from the Brothers of SSJE discussing the heart of their community life: Prayer. The videos come from a 2013 Lenten series. To view the full series, click here.

Introduction: The Gift of Prayer

For more: Read Transfiguration A meditation on the transformative power of seeking and knowing God's presence.

Try this: Share your deepest longings with God.

How to Pray

For more: Read / Listen Living Prayer A preaching series exploring creative ways of praying, with meditative exercises.

Try this: Sit in silence and listen.

When Prayer is Hard

For more: Read Reconciliation: Preparing for the Sacrament In-depth workbook on this powerful sacrament.

Try this: Pray for your enemies.

Brothers' Favorite Ways to Pray

For more: Read / Listen Teach Us to Pray A series exploring traditional forms of prayer.

Try this: Pray the name of Jesus.

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