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Christmas Cards (pack of 5)




Hand drawn image by Br. Keith Nelson.

Pack of 5 with envelopes

Interior Message:

“The Word become flesh and dwelt among us.” John 1:14

May you know the radiant joy of Jesus this Christmas


Back of card:

About the Image

Tiny fingers grasp a strand of gleaming beads, in sheer delight at their simple being.  Those hands hold all our moments and our days, our prayers and our dreams, our dyings and risings.  He treasures the single thread of our love.  With it, he has captured our heart, and holds it aloft in newborn triumph.

This divine-human Child is born today, but still is coming into being; a shaft of naked light he needs the prism of your heart to clothe him in color and adorn him with shadow: the rich black of newly-tilled soil; the delicate pink of sunrise; the lustrous brown of olivewood; the burnt sienna of wet clay: the miracle of a baby’s soft skin enfolding the eternally begotten.